What Community are you in?

In my main region I’m in the Hilltop which is weird as that was the one I picked yesterday. We are currently in 3rd :frowning:

Hilltop :wink:

Lets do this. Time to carrying the rest of the hilltop to 1st place.

Errrr wait so I’ve finished all the roadmaps, now what?

Would be nice if they explained how this works

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hilltop no idea why

I have no idea what’s going on?

Survivors. This sucks, honestly.

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I think it’s just essentially whichever community collects the most badges during the week gets 300 power tokens. 2nd best gets 250, 3rd best gets 225 and 4th best gets 200. really the community thing was totally overblown in terms of fun factor.


I thought we would get to pick. Guess not. What was the point of that ‘Who do you stand with’ poll then? I was given some false hope there. I’m Alexandria/ Survivors.


en supervivientes! haber si podemos mejorar, pero que hace que unos estén arriba? que terminaron la ruta??


Yeah I’m with you. I was definitely hoping for so much more from this event. I mean it’s not terrible but I definitely got my hopes up for something more.


Hilltop for my fac in Chilton

haven’t checked my other regions yet



Hilltop ^.^

Doesn’t matter the difference between 1st and 4th is 1 pull. Since they will mix it up each week it should all average out to the same number at the end unless you have the worst possible luck every week.

What was the whole point to pick your side if you were gonna randomly assign everyone to one of them Scopes?


Is every faction in one leaderboard? or is there multiple leaderboards? Which regions are in mine as i can see a vast aray including morgan,clay, covington, meriwether ( a ton more) yet cant see a single other faction in my region

Hilltop as well. Weird as it‘s the one I picked in the poll. :joy: So hilltop let‘s do this!

Me imagino que sí