What Combo would make the best atk/def team

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Carl lead yesus koa Lydia tyrese, Dante instead of tyrese, I mean… There are a ton of both available in this roster. U just trollin??

What are u looking for attack teams against? That’s one def option, u could also to Lydia lead, yesus, magna, hunter, garrett

Attack team. Green Abe green kal green rick 5*kate(get her) yellow Shiva.

Def team. Lydia Jesus Tyrese magna Hunter?

You dont have a strong healer unless your using Carl or Erika leads. Maybe red zeke lead swapped for lydia

Green abe lead, lacerator rick, marlon, kal, beta for neut for an atk. Andrea lead (a larger world), league tara, negan, herschal, lori. Instead of Herschel u could run erika or hunter. Depends on weapons. I’m guessing u have red and green stuns, impairs and abs?

No sir I’m not trolling I’ve got some tough faction mates and have a rough time competing with them lol so I’m here for help cause y’all might have a few tricks up your sleeves I don’t know about

Don’t have impair yet have green stuns abso for Jesus and red stuns

Weird flex but ok

No flexing here looking for honest opinions from some roster gurus. Faction mates run some heavy hitting blues and greens with all stuns so I need some outside help lol

They help team build but the teams they suggest they kill easy af. For example Lydia magna Jesus Erika and marlon, or Carl koa jesus Lydia and Erika. There are a lot of options in this roster I’m just looking for a 1 team defend all or most kinda team. Was hoping I could find that here but most think I’m trolling and or flexing whatever that means.

Defends went out the door with the introduction of disarms.

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Carl lead Jesus shield Lydia Dante kal level em and Max them and trust me they won’t get thru that with some blues

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Thank you! I’ll run this setup, most of them are running drea leads with chonne and ty so I just get melted. Thanks for the advice

Gator lead, Koa, Shieldus, Magna and Shield Andrea. You’re welcome.

for attack, use your lacerators. theyre good with that blue negan. behind a shield. try this Garret lead, Blue Negan, White Shiva, Magna with impair, Marlon

for def, if you’re going to use shields, use them with a guardian and revive.

Carl, Jesus, Koa, Tyresse, Lydia and glen
If u got gleen

Carl, yellow Ty, Jesus, Kal, Lydia
Should make a strong healer and revive-shield team.

The problem is any top player can easily go tru any defense with the op attack toons that are available so I’d say to you don’t bother much about defense and focus on attack teams. Make sure to have atk teams that can beat any defense fast and if possible on auto most of the time.

Your problem is none of your toons are maxed, if you want a stout D make sure you use T4 toons - T2 Lydia is doing nothing for you

I fully agree dude get a disarm or two and you’ll kill everything in your way no defense will withstand it all those bought and crafted special weapons are worthless now

Ohh i dont have one :joy::joy:, i just know my faction mates have 1 of each and run through my team and run through promo teams.