What can you do with this balloon stuff?

Soo there is an offer in shop that includes anniversary Balloon. The thing is. There is nothing to do with it. Like wtf is this.

Celebrate the RTS anniversary of course :tada:

That’s old you missed a few days😜

can those balloons only be bought? big ole pile of coins if you complete them all

Nah, there’s missions up now to use them on, Tobi.

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Buy that offer and you’ll see what you can do with them.

Don’t be shy. Just open your wallet.

Come on.

Do it.


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Your profile pic is how I feel about buying overpriced offers lol

Very small “chance” of coins. Hope your bucket is not rusty and full of holes

There’s mission’s for :balloon:’s

For as much that it will cost to complete the mission you can spend the same for more coins at the end of the week on the $100 coin sale.
Just a heads up for anyone actually thinking about aiming for the crate with coins.

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