What Can We do About Now Useless 5*?


Im from a relatively new region, and we are not suffering decreased activity from the 6 buff. The only thing that can explain this is because we do not have dedicated players who have amassed long-outpowered premier toons.

I’ve been wondering what can be done to fix this problem without scopely constantly going back and forth patches.

How would people feel about wave PvP, where every wave or line has specific limits on traits, tiers, etc.
It could even be 1 vs several waves where the more you advance the higher deck limit is. You could be fighting 5s one line and 6 the other. The attacker starts the next from what they left off from the previous wave. Other is 5 waves v 5 waves, where you fight with different decks every wave. Toons cannot be reused.

I’m just throwing out an idea because I feel sympathy for those who spent thousands.


Sounds a lot like survival road in theory but we r asking for basics like gear and haven’t gotten that so I wish u luck on your idea


At this point gear is a given. I just wish the gear given for rank rewards was a “choose your reward” type of thing so I wouldn’t be sitting on top of 20 holsters with 0 scopes.

Problem with survival is I can purposely leave walker toons at 0 levels since all I need are crits. Haven’t really had the need to invest in Priyas, Conrad, hunter, etc on them.