What can I improve on my team

I’m in region Lancaster and I’m number 1 atm I have green alpha I can upgrade and use and Shane too

Definitely weapons.

those are best weapons i have right now im on stage marsh in world map though so i can get weapon tokens from achievements

What I mean is get stun or abs def on dem weapons

um how do i get that

upgrade your armory til you get defender 3 for fast and alert weapons

oh ok my armory is only level 12 at the moment though

level 17 is when you can do the upgrades

ok ill work my way towards it i try to upgrade all buildings to equal levels first though

Nah work on getting ur armory and town hall up first all the other stuff is just meh armory is most important for sure

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Haha evasion toons in new regions are so unfair! Make sure your grinding the gear maps as well for the needed gear. Don’t let them pass without completing them even if it costs all your energy.

Why do you have att mods on a healer

It’s my only gold HP mod

Oh ok makes senses than

Damn how old is your region

20 days or so I think

Your off to really good start than team wise

I’m in number 1 fac we win lot

A new threat governor is not a attack character change his mods for defence

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