What are your top 5 worst 5 stars

(mine not yours :stuck_out_tongue:) Mine are:
5:Gregory a larger world: because he has no leader skill and his ap rush is so slow

4:Hershel road to survival #1: his ap rush is 66 (fast) and its just -20 ap to 1 enemy and all ajacent to it and up to 3 Teamates get 60 attack To me hes not useful the only thing good is the netrelize.

3:David ties that bind: his ap rush is 66 fast and it does 200% damage to a line of enemies and stuns for two turns. He also has evasion that Makes him dodge stuff So thats ok.

2: Skylar Her ap rush is 66 fast (once Again) she hits one enemy with 525 % attack 70 attack on all teams. Her special skill is tenacity

1:Michonne Shiva force: Her ap is 45 (very fast) and also has waste not. But the bad thing is that she only gains 80 to her.


I have 6 Obersons


At least he heals

Okay, lemme get this straight:
5) Gregory definitely sucks, I agree with you here. If only his AR charge was 44 AP instead of 76, then he would have some use…
4) Hershel is not THAT bad, at least he can drain AP from the entire team. He is also VERY effective in Faction Assault. And yes, neutralize skill is great.
3) David is an okay character. You even said it yourself. Then why the heck did you put him in this list while there are MUCH WORSE toons?
2) Here is where things are starting to get salty. +70 attack is a good buff and 525% damage is also great. Tenacity can be useful as well.

  1. Are you fucking serious? Shiva Force Michonne is a damn good toon, ESPECIALLY with 45 ap and Waste Not.
    Why do I think so? Because I have Skylar and Green Michonne, and they both are awesome. Because I know it from something called EXPERIENCE.

So…this article looks like it was made by a troll IMHO.

Okay, here is my list:
5) Yellow Christa. Nuff said, 111 AP just BLOWS, especially with such low damage. Tenacity MAY help her to survive till the rush, but again, she might be dead by that time.
4) Red Gregory. I agree with you about everything this toon has.
3) Life and Death Ezekiel. 400% damage + stun for 2 turns may be a good decision, but with 76 AP and life steal it is just…bad. He has bad stats as well.
2) Red Vernon. Recharge speed is slow, and the maximum this guy gives you is 80% defence and recover from some of the penalties. Leader skill is not enough to redeem him.

  1. 5* Gator. Full-stop. Apart from shitty Parting Shot he got a VERY crappy rush, which involves 3 (not all) teammates getting bonus defence and camo for 3 turns. How is that supposed to help you in raids?

Not every 106AP. Green Siddiq is still pretty useful.


You forgot Caroline on the list. Also I would say that Gregory is (Sadly) better as Red Lee or Beanie Abe


In what aspect exactly?

Ugh this list… I respect you if your new tho and it’s your opinions :stuck_out_tongue:
Heres mine:
5. Red caroline. (not for the memes XD)
4. Green Zeke life and death. (Bad and slow ar.)
3. Gator. (He is useful for walkers to be fair.)
2. KOA 5*. I bet no one saw this coming

  1. Gregory/vernon they both are just useles. So they get a tied place.

I can agree to that :wink:

1.O and N


Why does so many people hate Vernon? I mean, Yeah he sucks and but atleast he has a cool hat on Tier 4 and has a useful Lead Skill.

5.Caroline: Red healers never work out.
4. Red Lee ‘Around Every Corner’: As awesome as Lee is, his AR just isn’t fast enough and he doesn’t deliver that much of a punch.
3. Oberson: Why would there be a 5* for a character that was dead in the first place? Also, parting shot.
2. Beta ‘A New Threat’: If you were expecting something awesome to come from beta you would be disappointed. The only shocker is his AR, which does a measly 1 turn stun to a line of enemies. He’s not a real threat.
1.Christa: I’m pretty sure everyone knows the issue with Christa, that being that her AR sucks. Compare that to Duane, who had not only a crit leader skill for yellows but also has a 75 AP rush maxed, while Chirsta has the slowest rush in the game at 111 AP, and tenacity is just a terrible and useless skill.


From 2yrs worth exp I’d say:
5. Blue Darius (his leader skill didn’t save him from going down fast and Bonnie was his better version.)
4. Gregory (funny how most his toons suck)
3. Abraham “something to fear” (One of my most useless #1 war prize)
2. Vernon (For a doctor he could’ve had a heal HP in his rush)
1 Gator (should have been all teammates at least)

Others mentioned above I ended having more use to them (with SR)
I also used to have different raiding teams (I remember using Ezekiel “life n death” with OG Michonne and his stun was useful)

Okay, I do my list. Don’t want to stay out. :sweat:

5.Yellow Joshua “Hardened Survior”. He deals 500% Damage and buffs himself for 1 turn at 75AP.

4.Red Lee/ Beanie Abe. There Deal 425% Damage to a line and Abe gives a weak Buff, but for 76AP, way too slow. (I put them on one Spot, because there very similar top eachother)

3.Red Gregory. He has 4* Marks Rush, but without the sanctions and much Slower.

2.Vernon. He gives descent buffs and heals some sanctions, but just for 75AP and only 2 turns.

1.Christa. She has the slowest rush in the game and doesn’t do much. OG Duane Shows how it’s done, even if he isen’t the best.

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Christa was my first 5* pull. Back when I was pretty much f2p. I made a team with her that worked and could beat most defs with her lol. I really hope they make her ascendable!

thanks for that

Christa i would use for acendence

short bus Jesus ?

i’d say
Christa/yellow andrea
Caroline (sorry neil )

Christa, caroline, gregory, Vernon, gator. Shiva force michonne is a good toon not even close to a bottom 40 5 star.

^ this explains itself