What are your tips on building a team?

I was just talking to someone abt building their teams. I always repeat what I’ve learned and has worked for me. A.) Get a leader toon.It makes a huge difference in stats for your team over all.
B.) Mods are invaluable. Hp , reflect damage, resists mods, ECT. Can save your team a lot of headaches.
C.) Weapons are also invaluable, get your armory level 20 asap.
D.) Try to compliment the toons you play with. Use a lead, I always need a healer, and 2 damage, 1control / command. But I don’t use a set team. I use various teams. I collect toons just so I can.
E.)give yourself a variety to choose from don’t just lock into one team if you can help it. Although I do have favorite teams I play that have a lot of xp I don’t lock myself down to just said team. That’s the collector in me. I have to use every toon here and there just to get them out, dust them off and look at them. Lol. If you was handing advice to someone new on building a team, what advise would you give? Screenshot_2018-12-29-18-45-23-1

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Level a house to 20 then convert to armory, it’s faster that way.

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Hmm ,that makes sense! Thanks!

Basic structure…

  1. 4x glass cannon dmg toon and a shield toon
  2. All 5 with semi def/hp mods including command toon

Alternative could be

Healer/command/shield, 1 buffer/ de buffer and 2-3 dmg dealers

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Might as well just place 5 toons with reflect weapons and reflect mods because with Mercer around, they’re gonna one shot your team in seconds :)))

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  • Craft huge ap on attack weapons. Crit weapons are a pain to craft, so while you wait for Earl to succeed crafting one, it is good to have +40 attack and huge ap attack weapons in the meantime.

  • Having healer/revive on attack depends on how quick you can kill opponents. If you can take them out in less than 4 turns, then a healer/revive is unnecessary.

  • Have a control toon to control opponent’s shield or command toon.

  • Don’t worry about taking out super-OP whale teams :joy: Figure out what kind of def most of your opponents have, and build a team to combat that. The region wave is a good indicator of this. I’m in 1b so I doubt I’ll be seeing a lot of Mercer teams this weekend :joy:

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sink 100k on latest s class.toons

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Important thing to add to the tips above is control, and having varied types. So, if possible, having as many different options from Stun, Impair, Taunt, Confuse so that you can work around resistance mods. Ultimately, as a growing player, you will face some difficult characters, but if you can control them then dealing with them can be a lot easier.

Also, don’t forget that there can still be a place for 5 star characters (provided you aren’t running into too many S-class). Kate offers focus and buff, Carson offers a debuff. You need to tank them, but they can be made to work and offer abilities to boost the rest of your team

@yuber8x - of all the things Mercer will do, one shot your team isn’t it. He doesn’t even offer an attack bonus. The toughest Pete’s can take a full three hits from Priya’s rush, even when she is close to 13k attack. Lose her 50% attack bonus and you won’t be damaging the toughest defences. The main thing he offers is the ability to effectively skip your opponents first turn (unless stun resist mods proc). But on attack, you can turn two rush most of the S-Class monsters available anyway.


That money won’t help you when you don’t have good mods and no idea how to put a team together.

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Make sure the toon will always have an active leader skill like on my teams I have raulito lead so I make sure all the toons fit in to his lead

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This is my defence team currently

That’s my thoughts exactly. In wars I see a lot of s class and they don’t have a good support team and 3-4 hits from my s class takes them down like they aren’t modded and they haven’t been leveled. Team that with no support from their team and s class is useless. On the same note I’ve faced 6* with killer weapons and they’ve beaten me. Lol. I’m just saying if the toon doesn’t have mods, a decent weapon, xp, and complimentary team mates, its useless no matter who it is. Your point is valid.

Nice work!

I agree. You make some valid points here.

Money isn’t always the answer. You can spend all you want, if that toon doesn’t have the mods, weapon, xp, and team to back it, its useless.

Me either. I’m sure ill see a few but not enough to worry abt. Lol. And nice advice!! Very good. I’m keeping this around to help future newbies!

Nice!! I like this! Keeping this around for newbies so thanks!

Some regions may have that to deal with. I’m in a wave 2 region. I may see him in raids. But I can always skip him. Lol. And most wars they don’t have them built and ready yet so I’m not sweating him this go around. Maybe next war. Lol but good advise. I’m keeping this around for newbies!

Build different teams for different things. Walkers, def, attack, towers, hoards all have different requirements.

Mods and weapons should be different depending on what you need.

In my second faction, they just use the same toons with different weapons. I have a suspicion some of them went mad cannibalising decent toons to have one awesome team. It makes you wonder.

All depends what toons u have in the end and if it’s attack, defense, tower or walker teams but they must flow together easily ps I’ve seen great f2p setups and crap p2p

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