What are your opinions on the following "exploits"?

Hi. I’m curious to know where the line is between being clever and exploiting.

  1. Faction jumping to craft weapons
  2. Faction jumping to use the free FA tickets in dead factions
  3. Swapping accounts with friends
  4. Buying accounts in other regions

Seems legit imo

  1. No problem unless your fac leader has an issue.
    2, 3, and 4. Whatever floats your boat.

Meh imo

#1 Perfectly fine. In our region we dont even have to leave our teams. Most of us have agreed to not stack the weapon spots and we take it for an hour when we need to craft.

#2 Should fix this asap by overhauling FA from the ground up. Nothing about it is good at the moment. Why make a mode that you can only play a few times a month. Ditch the tickets and make it available whenever and have a 24 hr cooldown after its completed. We all should be able to run it several times a week. If they can run multiple level ups every week I don’t see the problem. Still will take tons of runs to get the items we need for t4. They also still control the gps and canteens so whats the problem?

#3 and #4 No opinion. Don’t see how it bothers me as a player. People should have the right to trade and sell there accounts. Imagine buying a car and not being able to lend it to a friend or sell it when your tired of it. What makes games different from any other item or possession?

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Overall don’t really care. None of it is game breaking. Past exploits such as premium wheel and armory were far more destructive to the game balance.


I’m a old school video game player, way before pay to play micro screw you, so it was always awesome to find glitches like- up, up, down, down, left, right, b.


Lol is it weird I still remember the armor cheat code from ps2 GTA Liberty City Stories? I also remember some fatalities from MK Deception. I’m like a robot. Hahah.


1,2,3,4 perfectly legit


Lol. That’s craaaazy.

after investigation.

I have concluded that getting the platinum earing is basically extremely rare, maybe 1 in 500 and probably even more rare.

If you think Tara is obtainable i think it’s a massive joke.

I estimate 10-30 years at this pace to get tara. if your lucky.

more likely to hit prestige 13 without buying then getting Tara first.


1 and 2 are ok, I havent read the terms of service but in some games does are no no.

You mean two people playing the same account?

That could have been a 2 part question I suppose.

A. Transferring accounts to win events
B. Swapping accounts for fun

Has a player i would not care if two play the same account because they only get one reward, and can you imagen the argument between the owners about whos in charge.

Who cares.

Im not bothered by any of them.

Way more game changing/ damaging cheats and exploits out there.


Messing with Google got this-


Who are you asking, the people who have been exploiting game mechanics? You can tag scopely to try and and get a direct answer. Jumping factions to craft weapons sure does seem like cheating, yes.

Oh shit. Hahah.

Not necessarily. Coosas fac leaders all decided on a crits faction and it didn’t create an unfair or unbalanced atmosphere. But it was mentioned earlier that leaving an easy team to pass forward is the easiest way of managing.