What are you waiting to release Lori

its been a very long time since scopely announce the list of the future ascendable characters,
And they said earlier 2018 , 4 months and a half already been passed,
So are you going to release Lori in 31-12-2018 or what???
Six months is a long time to wait for a character, hopefully you will make it worthy
Your keep pushing more and more players out of the game

@kalishane if their is anything you can do about that, any news I am sure a lot of players will appreciate that.


Hey. They said soon! :spider_web:


Your problem is that you expect too much from Scopely. Lower your expectations.


It is already difficult to get a war at the right time. Don’t expect more from $copely


:joy: :joy: that’s another problem,
Actually I am afraid that there is no war in this week.

The best comment I’ve ever read


That’s all I ever wanted to hear.

Shame this is gonna get super flagged

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Like it while ya can! :soon:


But I thought posts about personal issues and strongly-felt opinions were the one that get flag-bombed.

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Who really cares anymore, scopely does wat scopely does and we as players gripe and complain everytime something don’t go our way. No big shit to cry over, you want this and you want that scopely says fuck you we’ll give you this and you’ll keep playing. It’s just how it works. Period.

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Well said. That’s exactly the way it works.

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