What are you using for the Road Rage map

So I have a pretty decent roster of 6*s and I’m going for that fine Sandy. Unfortunately I don’t have a decap yet so I’m having some trouble with the last stage of Road Rage. I’ve beat it twice and failed it twice unfortunately :frowning:
Here’s my typical attack team. Lori and Clem for control, Bryan for heavy damage AR every other turn, Andrea for lead skill and damage output AR, and Erica for that squishy revive. None of my faction mates have Decap so it’s usually alert Jesus or something as support.

I have Madison lead and plenty of 6 star greens but I don’t have any stun on attack weapons (which would be ideal against the fast team) I feel like I have the most trouble with Harper as her stun on attack is incredibly frustrating.

Any thoughts?

Do you have 6s Tara?

Her defense down will go a long way.

Is that the blue on a roll Tara? No. I should have grabbed her from the league store when I had the chance lol. I was hoping season 3 toons were better :man_facepalming:

Lol If I had a decap I could auto it too. It’s times like these I regret ascending fast Sandy.

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Ooh smart. I can try my timeout shield team with some maim! Thanks!

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Don’t try that on the last stage though. Won’t work.

Gabriel only can use his Active revive a few times. So once he’s used it, just takes good old fashion neutralize.


i use wanderer as lead with gov. lori sady and sophia than faction support donny

Oh ok you’re right. I don’t have much trouble with the Lydia team but the Gabriel team with yellow Jeezy and Harper is kicking my ass 50% of the time. Yeah I may have to equip a bunch of maim resist mods if I try it to counter old yeller Jesus’ maim.

20 bucks per day is asking alot, no offense. Even 14.99. Just my honest opinion. Alot of us aren’t rich ya know.

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Do you have the 6* green Garrett and maxed out? If that’s the case then you could build a nice red/green team. The worst part for me was William besides Gabriel. Used an entire green team which included SR Zeke. Mirabelle lead, Kal, Dante (who I actually didn’t need and could’ve had replaced), and green Alpha. Didn’t used a faction support I am currently alone on my own. You definitely need stun guns & swords.

If someone in your fac has Alice use her as support and Lori to focus 2nd roun

I’m using this and can t3/t4

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I may try to just go straight for control instead of damage output. Here’s my somewhat limited 6* roster. I also have yellow nuetralize Beta but he’s pretty meh. image

Also on a side note @Wanderer

I have Wanderer in my SD at the moment, should I get him for the fact that he’s cool? I’m leaning towards yes.

Yes but don’t ascend him.

Goes from cool and. Mysterious to just a construction worker.


Yellow Rick lead. Shiva force Zeke, Vincent, waste not Sandy, 5* Kate. Took a revive helper and didn’t even need it.

Can use 100% heal reduction as a temp decap and use taunt for control to keep the revivers under control

I am using this team for last stage, killing yellows first. Using green alpha from faction support tho’ as the greenies manage to rush and decapitate helps a lot.

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Best one I hav for grn red stages are grn garret lead, 2x shiva, davie, erika and I take hershal or madison frm fac support