What are you thankful for?


Feel free to comment : )


My GF, my family, this newly obtained Dwight. hehe


I’m thankful that scopes finally found some pixels to make an old 5* ascendable after 1 month since the last one. Yeah, never mind, they used the pixels on erika instead, my bad.


I’m thankful that I finally have the will to resist doing more pulls.


I’m thankful for the whales that caused this to hapoen to the game. Used to be fun, but now it’s shit because of them and their eagerness to spend and go hard on crap events in the name of competition.


Saying it’s solely the whales’ fault is a little misguided. I know plenty of non-whales who went for the high milestones simply because they were blinded by the idea of T4 gear. LUs is still one of the more F2P events right now as it simply requires players to hoard and know how to manage their resources.

And on the other side of the spectrum, there are players like me who constantly hoard and prepare for the future. I haven’t had to touch any of my queues at all and I’m still on track to get Dwight after I get 250k in this LU right now.


Well, well, well. Look who we’ve got here. It’s you back to debut another one of my comments. I hope you’re getting a kick out of it because I sure am getting a kick out of you stalking me every time I post something you don’t like. You must be a whale which is why you try to debut every time I bring up the fact whales are to blame for the games downfall. Lmao. :laughing:


I debut one of your comments because you talk more than other players. If you say 50 misguided comments while someone says 1 misguided, it’s more likely I’ll run into one of yours first before I run into another person’s. It isn’t stalking, its probability.

And no, I’m not a whale, 100% F2P actually, and this is the first time I’ve ever called you out on a misguided comment regarding whales.


Wrong. You called me out for trying to compare EA to Scopley whales. Ole what the heck? This is pointless. You’re a cool person here, so lets just drop this and agree or disagree. Enjoy your holiday bud. Lol


No, I called you out for comparing EA to Scopely themselves, not the whales. It was about their practices regarding micro-transactions. Do you even read what I say?


Both prey on vulnerable people. As scummy as each other.


Of course I do. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be replying. Come on man. It’s Thanksgiving. I was being honest.


It was more about the comparisons of why 1 micro-transaction was completely rejected compared to the other.


I’m also eternally grateful that I am not @kalishane. I am in no way envious of her position as gate keeper between angry players, and predatory business. Patience of a saint.


I am thankful for family of course, and those ready made pies that cut my cooking time down by hours : )


definitely NOT the Dwight event :slight_smile:


I’m thankful for my faction mates :), would be hard pressed to find a group to make this experience more enjoyable


It’s good to be alive. I am thankful for this existence.


Lol good answer @mountkay