What are you guys doing?

It’s safe to say that a few months ago you guys (Scopely) were in a bit of trouble with this game.
many players had left or gone the way of casual non payable players. so you decided to introduce more ways to “better” the game or at least entice better spending

  1. better odds of 5* during pulls. This worked out very well for you guys as it meant more were spending (basically to get 1st wave of 6* ascendables) which also pushed my thinking that your agenda on spending more alot futher

  2. gear collections in museums
    This was a great idea, push players to do better in milestone events and get the gear needed to upgrade our pulled toons … but that was shortlived when it was decided to remove the most needed of gears, tier 3/4 components

  3. introduce leagues and also coins
    this greatly helped the ftp community and pushed players who wanted more to fight more, giving you a more active environment …

in each of these cases you gave a little back to the players (whilst expecting the same if not higher level of spending) to just rip them away from us and thus kind of go back to the old way whilst taking away more

for example

10 pull would get 10 winter tokens etc and 10 basil 4* trainers

it got lessened to 10 ascend tokens and 1 benedict

now you have decided to make them 40 pulsl with the same 1 benedict and 10 ascend tokens, its an old trick used time and time again and more and more are noticing it these days

anymore you guys can think of


How about a feature where only survivors club members can raid, do world stages, and open up their roster.


I agree with this.

They must have some sort of analysis department which assess trends of spending against various events and offers and I can only presume that our perception that these things increased spending actually didn’t improve things in their favour.

Because if they did improve things and they’ve pulled them, then Scopely are just proving to be the idiots we have always suspected…

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:joy: lol So never do anything nice or special or “one time only” because we will demand it happen again. We will also live in the past and keep bringing up the past.

“Back in my day a 40 Pull cost three nickels and a button. What does three nickels get you now?.. NOTHING! THATS WHAT”

I like the theory that RTS is really just a big beta for other games. I believe Walking Dead is Scopely’s first major intellectual property and they’re seeing what works and what doesn’t and then applying their findings to their WWE, Loony Toons, Star Trek games.


Explains why they’re ruining the game at an accelerated rate :smirk:


they have done 1 time only deals and they worked but once again theres a chain link to the madness, what seems a good deal turns quickly to profit once they roll out better increased odds, gets payers 5 extra toons (old phase 1 metas) then quickly tighten gear access to make more pay for that

Oh they exclusively have these, every games company has a division on how to push more spending etc, i seen many company execs in interviews talk about it in depth. ill try and find some links to it soon and pm you

They’ll have written a programme. Probably by the same person in charge of territories.

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