What are you excited for in TWD?

  • Special monthly events
  • Current events (lvlup, SR, & raid events)
  • War
  • Cross region war
  • Being with a faction
  • New game features (onslaught)
  • Reputation leaderboard
  • Leagues rankings
  • Getting new toons
  • Buying new toons
  • Shopping for promotion deals
  • Staches
  • Changing regions
  • Trying to max town / player level
  • None of the above

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I think you forgot to add retirement.


Solo lvl up!!!


Shivabot, is that you?


Not Faction Onslaught


Who’s stache are we talking about, Abe’s full, luscious stache or Glenn’s stringy stache?


Only thing I get excited about really is when I imagine what the game could be, how it could evolve and grow.
How easier things would be if things were updated.
Leagues are great…but…

Then I remember things change at a incredibly slow pace and not always for the better…
Same mistakes are made over and over again and promises like ascendence of all toons been rubbish.
With less and less 5*s getting ascended each half of year.
How can you get excited with things getting worse or moving backwards rather than better and forwards.




That you forgot Douglas should nullify your votes.
Most distinguished stache. AINEC.


I’m excited for the server to be shut down and im


Solo level up and onslaught are the most fun.


The end.


Level up should have had it’s own box 12+ a month it is it’s own monster


More the same…


Never thought i’d put none of the above. Game’s so brain-dead with the fact all you need to do now to be a top player is to pull out your big wallet. War toon prizes may have only made the bleeding slower but it gave a chance for spender and casual spender-alike to improve. Tokens are not a reliable way to improve


The balance of the game is totally shocking.

I can’t imagine Scopley employees play F2P accounts.

Every team is revives and shields.

F2P get a chance of getting one of th In events.
But can’t really get close to competing.

Ascendable toons should be a way but…they don’t want to release them as they want people to spend on premiers to get through the game.
Trying to force people to pay to keep going.

When most F2P are still use 6* from the beginning of there existence and they haven’t been Buffed…but premiers have become double in strength of those beginning premiers.
You know Scopley haven’t got a clue and go for quick cash over doing as little as possible to help the game.


Leagues is a start… but if anything they need to be bolder and force redesigned regions based on which league your in.
Game competition isn’t there in region events. It’s haves and have nots. The current leagues are window dressing in their current state.
Competition might make the events passable.


Does the update change anyones votes?


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