What are you doing to prepare for this weekends CRW?

Just wanted to start a fun discussion and see what everyone is working on for this weekends Cross Region War.

For myself I am working on leveling up Wyatt while working on a weapon for him and trying to get benedicts and max tier the new Michonne that came out.

How about you?


Nothing to special. I just want to Max my Rocket Abe for the Tower Attacks.

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Yeahhhhhh nice one on the rocket abe. You time your tower attacks yet?

Not yet, but I’m working on it.

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Oh I wish you good luck on getting the stats you want on Wyatts wpn!

Not working on anything myself, got new team up and running previous war with new modded wpns for all.
Nothing to do but wait for war, or maybe mess around with new tower team :slight_smile:

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Thank you and I hope I bank on the weapon as well :smiley:.

Care to share your team and weapons you will be using for this weekend?

I just got my Erika to tier 4 in my Chilton region, hoping I can hit on at least one stun gun before war.

@Bobbotokes For tiering Erika to tier 4 I give you a quote from Owen Wilson,

Well I sure as hell would not want to face a tier 4 erika and definitely not one with a stun gun lol. I wish you luck on the gun and if you get it I think you will be sitting pretty this weekend. Grats though on tier 4 erika, she is someone I really wish I had.


t4 Michonne would like to have a word with you :rofl: :wink:


Thanks @Trollypolly that cracked me up lmao. Really hope one does hit soon, on tries 30 or so. :confused:

Farming tapjoy videos because those who pulled Michonne will destroy me within a second

She has two boobs behind her that stun the crap hell out of Michonne lol.

I fear I wont make Michonne for the war this weekend sadly :frowning:. I have a hoarding addiction and I could get rid of some 5*'s and get her to a 6* but… my addiction is pretty severe lmao. Every unique 5* I get for some reason I just have to keep and never want to let go.


This is the dream team, weapons need work, and hopefully I can snag the gov soon to replace Shiva, or even Lori can when she’s finally ascendable. Tried for Michonne but no luck.

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30%ATK, AP bonus, Stun for Carl and Glenn.
30%DEF, AP bonus, Abs def for Rick.
30%ATK, AP bonus, Abs def for Maggie.
30 CRIT, huge AP bonus attacking, +30 CRIT attacking enemies with more then 70%HP


That is a very nice team. I love the governor pick for Neutralize! Great CC from the Mirabelles and stun recovery since I see quite a few people are using Stun actives. Neutralize for damage control, Ty to give a middle finger to revives and sustain from Erika. Great work on that team. The only thing I see is no actives to take out a red stun gunner for an example BUT that is why you have 2 Mirabelles to make up for that loss. thumbs up

Thank you, I’ve only bought the monthly pass 4 times and that’s it. So for what I’ve spent I’m happy with the results. I have no luck at all on weapons in Chilton, but I can hit like crazy in my Chattahoochee region.

Just be careful with shiva, she won’t have any def or HP buffs so attackers may target her first.

Yup, gotta work with what I have, like I said really hope to get gov to replace Shiva and than I should be all set.

Secondary blues team for all them Erika leads lol prolly throw Zeke instead of of Tripp and T4 Carl :smile::smile::smile: