What are you doing scopely!?!

Why was the time for war cut down/changed again?! That just took hours off of players warring and hitting milestones!

Also why is the general bonus 20% attack? I guess changing it up is ok but the attack buff is strange. Anyone else notice the attack buff? Lol

Mark my words. More people are going to stop spending soon, i call things every single time. Best milk them good during WOC. :whale: :milk_glass:

Just stop

Yes, scopely needs to stop.

ive almost done my 150k :man_shrugging:

Did not notice the attack buff at all. Its always been defence before as far as I know… Weird they change it and don’t say shit

Cool? (7 chars)

First bit of post :wink: on this post i was replying too.

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If only we could fit 30 members into 6 slots to all war at the same time and get their 150k milestones :man_shrugging: almost like some people have different schedules :exploding_head:

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