What are you doing during Auto-play/Farming?



Just curious lol :sunglasses:


Watch Walkers get squashed :zombie:


usually i just leave my phone in my lap and watch a movie. If im in my bed i just auto and throw my phone on the ground and wait till my phone goes silent.


Listening to music.


Tanking up mobs in WoW like an angry drunk trucker.


Read a book.


I just got back into WoW recently. Don’t have the most recent expansion yet though.


Dang, thanks for reminding me that RTS has sound. I never thought to use silence as an indication that a farming level was complete…


LOL, good answers. All real life stuff. Well, mostly.

Actually now that I read back, probably none of it. Most of ya’ll are dreaming!! :wink::wink:


pretending to work
I also do that during raid, war, sr and anything else related to the game


I see all the fun comments have been removed from this thread.

They do know it’s a game for over 18s don’t they?


Guilty, 3 offenses on this thread alone lmao


Just two for me.

This game is based on a comic which featured Michonne being sadistically and repeatedly raped & tortured by the Governor, but don’t dare make jokes about consensual sex with your wife :joy::rofl::joy:.


This guy had a mini screen on his phone while farming he was watching nfl games at the same time :joy:


Reading Harry Potter (I’m on the Goblet Of Fire)


Reading a lot of apocalypse books, emp, pandemic, that sort of stuff


Either playing ps4 or flicking da bean.


I play a B account on my second device I find playing one device at a time way too tedious


I normally just watch some TV shows or movies while farming and stuff and doing raids. I’ve been hitting the rep scene hard lately now on 108k totally f2p.


Farming in other games. o_0