What are these tokens in lvl up

Anyone know a use for these?


I don’t see these tokens.


Those tokens are over like 2 years old, maybe the game cache loaded that image for you?

I have them too, the wheel will probably pop up later

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Well they are in my inventory now. Was the first lvl up milestone.
@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely any info?

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Either way these better be for bulk, and I mean bulk gear bundles. We need it.

Lmao! Didn’t get em as reward nor I see em in the reward‘s section or inventory.

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Don’t have them here either

Im actual expecting those gear tokens now

Same as every other token


Have theme too, maybe it use in future.

old stuff, bad coding by scopely

Shhh they reuse token data
Theese toeksn may terreaform into some cool shit
Don’t bring too much attention :wink:

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Only in TOC regions right?

It says gear tokens lol

Might be the case.

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely what’s the gear tokens for from level up?

Different regions - different awards:

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