What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


I’ve never gotten stunned from attacking a char with a stun weapon when they’re stunned


4 forty’s and more.,… not one ascendable. Thanks scopely for making me remember why I hate this game. It’s impossible to progress. Never again.


someone in our faction got her in a 10 pull


Who the hell was stupid enough to buy Survivor’s Club?..


I messaged scopely and informed them of my decision to retire if I don’t pull holly on my next 40 pull. I haven’t pulled the promo character in about 4 months and it’s getting ridiculous. I’ve never thought about quitting, but I’m strongly considering it now. I spend too much money to not get shit in return. I’ll put my money in a game that actually shows respect/appreciation to its players.


just dont spend. with scopes it has no sense.


you actually can’t get stunned while a character holding a stun gun is stunned…


Super baby account got the sub pull for both :frowning:


its what im claiming all the time… noobs get better pull odds. scamply at its finest.


Same. I informed my faction I’m retiring. I can’t count the number of pulls for Carl and Lydia. And now 4 more forties in this wheel without one ascendable. Playing this game is the dumbest decision I have ever made.


If a character is stunned their weapon is nil. So no getting stunned from a stunned toon not normal


888-BETS-OFF (888-238-7633) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer support, resources and referrals to anyone affected by problem gambling. Call the next time you feel like pulling friends. I wish i would have before i ever tried to get holly


She’s the final straw for me. They lowered the odds on purpose with these new wheels. Disgusting.


I feel your pain, I spent $250 and no holly smh

Sheild with absolute defense alert. Gaurdian 2 when being attacked?

Just did another 10 pull and few singles, still nothing. Straight scam


That’s what I thought. So holly getting bonus hp when she’s stunned shouldn’t be happening, correct?


6 faction members just pulled Holly on a single pull between them from subscriptions free pull rolling eyes :eyes: hear say fake news. Honest guys Holly’s dropping for loads of players quick go pull TOO.

Far to many on these pull threads seem get big toons on a single pull every time but never have lucky sware.! Or all the faction mates are getting them! To make u drop the coin.




Like with Harper last week, I’m getting everything except the one I want. I got two of those jackass looking Santa hat Zekes and a Barker so far out of 4 ten pulls.


I’m not sure why everyone is complaining… they’ve put some quality 4*s in those wheels.