What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


Lol love it


My hands are numb and I’m starting to feel cold inside.


Makes me all warm inside that y’all spent and got nada hahahah


Thanks to all of you for your feedback. In summary I will not be spending on these wheels.


Uh3HB12 This is for you my friend :wink:


2 big pulls. another 5 star sid and some other 5 useless 5stars. £140 badly spent!


First 10 pull on her :slight_smile: second 10 pull on her was only 4*


3 singles


Filthy tenner


Well… I think holly will bring new life to the Erika/magna defenses. Most p2w defenses were moving towards Gabe/jesus.



This is a sentence.


And odds reset with each individual pull, so 1, 10 or 40, its still .00125 to get Holly :slight_smile:


Here’s what I posted in line… How is my math?:

Good luck to those pulling for Holly. Game changer. I just did the math on her. You have a .125% chance of pulling her, not a 2% chance as advertised. They put up 16 blues in the wheel and give us a 2% chance to get a blue ascendable, Holly is one of them.


Pffft… I should’ve read the posts above


Yes, im a russian hacker, boooo


lmao…your math is spot on :joy:


This assumes that all the 6*/5* ascendables in the wheel have the same weighted odds. The odds posted are aggregates, but they could easily weigh the outcome to make Siddiq .99%, and the remaining 0.01% could be distributed among the remaining 15. :roll_eyes:


1 more just single pulled her in my fac… so that makes 3 who got her from singles and 1 who got her from a 10. Oh and a side note… just battled one in onslaught. She was stunned, but her weapon was still giving the bonus hp when I attacked her. Not sure if it’s a bug or what. But, I’ll try to record it when I see another one.


And now?


That’s normal, it’s her wep, you can get stunned attacking and Erika with a Stun gun whilst she’s stunned… What a mouthful