What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


I love to see y’all waste so ,uhh and not get her it makes my day


Lol fair game. I love seeing f2p complain and whine about not being able to hit p2p defenses. Love defending and blowing out f2p in war


That sucks, I was just thinking about spending $75 to do a 40 pull but now that I read your comment, I might not take that risk. :thinking:


Just the coin sales.

So all in all it was lucky.

Just not the luck I wanted.


I smash all p2p teams that’s what makes it even better y’all literally spend thousand on a roster and get by a guy that spends none


I don’t wish this on my worst enemy :frowning: Honestly, from everything I’ve seen, the average (other than the “I got her in a ten” outliers) is close to 6 bigs


I think that’s right. Then there’s the extreme 10-20x pulls that still don’t get the promo.

Set your max before you start then go no further. Just like when you visit the casino.


I’d love to see the f2p that takes down the Gabriel, Lydia, Dante, violet and Jesus team that your speak of.


Riiiiight. What faction you in?


My gabe/carl lead killer team has 4 f2p toons on it actually, and that’s not because I don’t have better toons it’s Because it works the best.


Damn I was amazingly accurate


Care to share?


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1 big pull


Russian hacker


Yea, I did 3 big pulls and a few singles. Spent close to $260. Got blue garrett, aiko and Blue neutralize barker. Such bs!!


This is why we encourage people not to spend.


Aside from them repeating their mistakes because people keep spending.


Hahaha love it keep,spending


H to a and !


Took a gamble and back fired smh, spending over $250, should almost guarantee you get the toon you want wow.