What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


Exactly, so how are there tons of characters with it? If I remember correctly there’s only Teresa, 5* Glenn, 6* Rick. This Holly is basically making it become a greater threat.


Many more than 1…


Giving 4 teammates elusive for 2 turns while healing them is insane.


1 6*, you’re in complete denial about what a liability it will be when she rushes. There’s no way to counter elusive.


Then Give everyone +35% ap lol… oh and half the time u attack her she gains 20% bonus hp lol I want her damnit



There are 8 6 stars with elusive including her. There is a way to counter elusive, don’t let it happen in the first place.


And I was referring to Tara when I said she isn’t that good. Elusive also isn’t that good in general if you have a team that won’t let it happen in the first place.


Elusive to themselves (wanderer, Andrea) in an active skill is practically useless due to the fact you could just hit somebody else. Unfortunately for Holly, there’s nobody you can just hit somebody else with. Also there’s no safe way to ensure her rush doesn’t go off, especially with mods and Gabe on the horizon lol. Genuinely believe she will be the hardest toon to deal with.


Which is why you look at her mods and weapon and each character on her team. If none have focus, that’s a plus for you. If you have a character that has something to stop her rush with and she doesn’t have a resist for that, that’s also a plus. She’s a really good character, but elusive in general isn’t good if it can be stopped.


Happened to me with KOA a ways back, the best toon I got was shieldchonne out of 107 pulls


Me when i see people get trash from huge pulls xD


I mean, yes a character cannot be suseptible to every debuff, but on a basic whale team she’ll be on (presumably with other revives) it’s kinda hard to just say “I won’t let their rush pop”, Erikas, Yvettes, Lydias, Mackenzies, Gabriels are too common now and a slip up will happen. This character is just too much honestly, her abilities are too over the top and elusive being utilized for the first time into the meta seems like it’s going to a pain. Especially putting bonus HP, guardian shields, revives, and such into the mix.


That argument goes for many things. “Revives aren’t a problem because they can be stopped.” Just because it can be stopped doesnt mean it will.


Reviving and being elusive are 2 separate things. If both go off, sure, they both can be good, I’m referring to my own team when I say they won’t go off, since it was my opinion to begin with.


Sure, if on a complete whale team it would be harder. Not impossible, but harder. Which is why I would usually steer away from complete whale teams.


I mean I definitely would but being competitive in war is something I enjoy and this skill is basically steering me away from it too :/, it’s definitely lowering my war motivation.


How many single pulls?


I did 3 big pulls and got everything except holly. 2 damn aiko. I haven’t pulled a premiere since green lacerator rick. Laugh it up f2p. Screw this. I’m out


Just one this happened once before when erika came out first