What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


I would have better luck finding holly at a bar and asking her for a full pull rather than doing a full pull and get pixel holly in game.


what !!! you suppose to get at least one 5*… right?


Single pull because I am done spending money on this game…pretty happy with Barker. New toon and seems useful.


It’s a choice, but more likely than not players will end up where I did.

2x konrad, 1x mackenzie, 1x sophia.



I got crap on my pulls…sucks but expected.

I know some friends in a region chat who spent a sh*t ton and nada lol.


How much pulls did you do?


Did you get all of those from your Holly pulls? Sprinkle a little of what you’ve got going on over here please.haha


440 pulls to get her.


I hope you’re joking.


My roster is overflowing with bradys now. :slight_smile:


And a Holly I hope?


oh my single pull xD


Too bad she’s not that good.


Ya, 440 pulls to get Holly. Nothing else significant since they’re all duplicates.


Obviously in denial, elusive will be basically impossible to bounce back from.


I never have to deal with elusive so not hard to bounce back from.


Maybe because there’s what, 1 6* with it? Elusive will become a problem because of Holly.


There are many others with elusive…


Who? That’s a real threat.


None that are real threats that I’ve faced.