What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


everyone is waiting to see who will pull for her first xD
and to see all 4*


good meme sir


This will go well.


I feel your pain, over 600 pulls for Gabriel before I gave up.


Thanks for the laugh.


Rotten luck. Over 50% of players would get 2 ascendable or 6s. But unfortunately statistics does not t dictate the outcome just the likelihood of occurance.

Just ran the number 8.85% likelihood of not obtaining a 6s or 5s ascendable upon 120 pulls.


This is why the house always wins.


Just wait multiple player will post on how they single pulled her with free coins :joy::joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging:


soon scopley emplyees will post their single pull Holly dont worry guyz


21 pulls, 21 4*s


Single pull.


Wasted GIF Card, Sadly. They could’ve atleast gave me an Allen :expressionless:


Congrats on the Molly!!


:fu: I ain’t pulling jack.

Am I the only one that goes for collector’s value or how much they like a certain character over ridiculously OP stats and rushes? Using them to win just doesn’t feel earned.
Wake me when Clem is in the wheel.


I put her right to my Other 23. I can’t even be happy with Bridget.


Awesome pull.


Got Caroline in a ten I’m done


Welp, I tried


Got her on a 10 pull


no uare scoply emplyee


7 10 pulls. 2 fac mates got her in 2 10 pulls