What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


It’s 1% to hit either 5* or 6* in that ascendable group.

Then after hitting that 1%, that group consists of 16 tough ascendables (Holly included), so you have 6.25% of getting Holly after drawing the 1%.

I think that equates to 0.0625% of getting Holly? My math could be wrong.


Basically the odds are shit!!


You have 0% chance of pulling Holly if you make 0 pulls.

You have infinitely better odds of pulling Holly if you make 1 or more pulls.


I spent $250 and didn’t get her smh never again


Someone in my faction single pulled her as well


I know you will… :wink:


You know I won’t :wink:


And i know that i dont know


Here to see the gambling addicts post a pic of holly and how much they wasted to get her and watch their egos explode

I have no popcorn tho :frowning:


just in time for me to have enough for a 10 pull could use 10 more 4*s


You know people will lie about the amount it took to get her.

They will post a 10 pull or a single and say they lucked out. But what they don’t post is the 150 pulls prior to getting her.

There are only a few honest people who share the real numbers.


if its a premier recruits they can get on 10 pulls even one but i think she she is going to be in tough premier recruits and start massive eye bleeding after 40 pulls xD


I think that the odds will be even lower than usually


I know I wont!


No point in pulling. I did a total of 120 pulls for Gabriel and Harper and got 0 ascendables. I’ve given up with these sh!t odds


Just got Holly. First 10 pull!

I was ready to go $30,000 deep for her.


Is this a message from the future :face_with_monocle: :thinking:


Just testing the crowds sanity


That’s because of the new trait wheels. They no longer advertise increased chances. You are simply pulling from a pool of all the blues so your chances are now a fraction of what they used to be.


But to get 0 ascendables at all? Not even talking about the promo toon.