What are the true odds of pulling Holly?


What are the real odds to getting her in this wheel as a Tough Premier?

How many tough toons are in line with her to be pulled? Are her odds the same as the other Blues she is in line with? Or are the odds at pulling her beyond 16 decimal places?

Holly pull thread

About 9 large pulls across my faction and nobody even got a whiff of holly. These new wheels are hot garbage and wants us to spend like the old 5 star days to get what we truly want


chances are lower than you can imagine. As everyone knows, they’ve purposely diluted the wheels to make premier toons harder to get. don’t expect a change any time soon, because people keep pulling.


Jessie’s. Konrad. Siddiq. Many other tough toons but not holly. they have watered it down way to much to consider 1 percent the true odds


I will not be pulling for her then


6* Aiko (won her in last weeks level up), 5* ascendable Laura, who I ascended yesterday. No Holly. 1 large, dont think I will try again.

I need toons who kill, not just put bandaids on boo boos


@JB.Scopely if the wheel is tough premiers why isn’t Magna in there? More misleading information.


0.0000001% is my guess. You’d likely pull 10 of each other trait 6 star in that wheel before getting her.


Yet she will be everywhere in CRW next week. God bless the whales


Some just won’t stop until they get her. Most of those who get her would probably go for another one :joy:


1 out of 65 in my case


Slim and None.


They no longer advertise increased chances. You are attempting to get struck by lightning twice, land a promo and than hope its the actual advertised promo. So say 1% odds, divide that by how many blues they threw in and there’s you odds of getting holly.


Id guess about 1% of the 1% chance. So 0.01


I bet it’s less than that


Someone on Line pulled her with 2 singles, so I dunno…


I did 3 pulls of 40 toons and got pure garbage…too bad there is not a way to get my money back from theese robbers T_T


Two people in my faction got her from single pulls. One other got her from a 10. I’ve used all my 20k saved coins and didn’t get her lol. Go figure. I haven’t pulled a promo since Michonne was released. Probably 100k coins worth of pulls since that time. I can’t even fukn pay2win!


Try getting a refund from apple/google play. List reason as misleading advertising or something


0.125% or 1 in 8oo, best of luck!