What are the special reward for mvps in fac assault

@kalishane pls can you tell us the special rewards for mvps

The divide it will cause lol


Imo mvps are the low scorers who purposely don’t run up a million points so that everyone gets their hits in. so yes it would be good to see a better prize bracket at lower end of point spectrum.


This was supposed to make things better?



Just take a look at the bags for 1-3 vs 4-30.

FA stinks anyway. Who cares. The event going on right now is like at least half a years of gear you would get from fa. Tara is a lie. Just like the cake.


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@kalishane I’m glad our feedback is so valuable. This is laughable to give 1-3 an extra bag. What is the reasoning behind this? There is no monetary value… just doesn’t make any sense from any standpoint.


When I read “contribution multiplier” I thought at last, they’ve finally linked damage dealt to tickets contributed, giving a deserved boost to those that do the bulk of the ticket farming! Then finished the sentence and realised nope.

Now rather than having those score-obsessed players spam their hits in the early stages in order to finish high, they’re going to withhold hits and only go for the later stages. So the ones who don’t care about score and hit the early stages for the greater good still get shafted, nice. Let the infighting commence!


You won’t get a response. There is no transparency here!!


In your opinion it’s trash. The game isn’t always about gear and characters, most people forget to have fun.

My faction works out a rotation so it works out , I’m just not a fan of the every man for himself aspect of this while pretending it’s a faction event

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There is no fun to be had without characters and without gear they are weak. Are we playing the same game?

I also said stinks and not trash. Although trash does tend to stink. Hmmm.

You can have a lot of fun without characters or gear, like talking with your faction or on global is usually fun to talk to people, or leveling up your town or waiting to see what you get from the armory.


This is what you get from the armory. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We agree on this. Talking to your mates is in fact usually fun. :+1:

It’s probably the reason most of us stick around.


i think this is scopely’s way to stop fa farming to an extent…a lot of ppl will be pissed because of rankings

The same people that waited to hit Tara and Negan in the old system will clear the early stages in the new system.
As long as you make the top 30 you shouldn’t worry about what the rewards are - the system is too broken

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