What are the requirements for free 5* glenn road to survival #1


did anyone else get the pop up for a free glen what are the requirements i wasnt smart enough at the time to screen shot what it said…




yeah i cant get the offer back up to see it i believe it told me to purchase something as well but idk what to purchase if theres no brief instruction some of my faction mates are telling me it was an anniversary gift a while back but why is it popping up for me now


yeah i never got him looked all over to see if anyone else has had the issue but cant find any info so i came here thinking id get some help hopefully


It might have been a bug from the 30-day purchase I think that’s where I got it from


Most likely a glitch. Don’t have any other offers for any characters.


yeah i got the pass also but i still never received the glen and if i could idk how if anyone gets the pop up can some ss and post please and thanks…


cant find edgefield… can you post screenshot of glenn


Good call Knicks it must not have nothing to do with the pass


I would like to see a picture of the free Glenn or the proper name


Okay thanks that was a little bit ago 6 months Maybe



yeah all my faction mates are telling me that but i dont have the toon at all never got it took a break at the time but then i got the pop up offer so i posted wondering if there was anyway i can get it now since i got the pop up for the offer


Well don’t talk too loudly but request support to look into it as if you got it and see what they tell you