What are the most overused / weirdest poses in the game?


I honestly think the weird stance the 5 star alert andrea does is.

Did Scopely Retcon Harlan's toon design?

1* Susan has such an awkward pose


Dual Axes Ty



I like how his head stays perfectly stationary while everything from the neck down is bow chicka wow wow


His grip on his weapons seems weird too


Everything about leather daddy tyreese is wrong


Not neccessarily wrong if you’re into your BDSM or were looking for a 50 Shades of Grey / Walking Dead crossover


Idk why but the way Yellow toons arms are positioned (the arms not holding the weapon) bothers me, it just looks ridiculous to pose your arm outward like that, do it in real life and it looks akward as hell


This is still the “bravest” pose :wink:


Chad, Sherry and Clifton would agree with you there…


I’d say that one model most blue female toons use. Some male (like grenade launcher Bruce) use it too though.


1* John for sure


“oh my aching back”


Yeah, blue in general is looking weird in most of the cases. :smile:


Ever equip the Made To Suffer Rick with an SMG?
“Let me just hold it with my missing hand.”


The way Chad slides during his AR animation has always cracked me up


i think “Hand Job” Morgan is the best. He’s busting a nut when he AR’s



She doesn’t even aim this straight lol


Blue 5* Clem. the gun is bigger than her lol


Right. This one xD