What are the deals of all the recent lacks of events and rewards?

This topic is probably my most concern at most. Lately we recived what the rewards for the CRW where going to be. To me this is a joke. They even started 2018 with a joke of rewards. 18k tokens for first place and with some other stuff like some random peices of gear. BORING. If we look back on the first ever CRW it had an amazing 5* as an reward (yellow command Maggie) honestly awesome and some other 5* to 2-8 place. Now that we have got 6*, They don’t really seem to care at all. What they need to do is either give first place an legendary recruit or if not an 5* ascendable recruit. For 2-4 should be 20k 5* rec tokens. 4-10 15k 5* Rec tokens. This would be more exciting becuase the prize is more worth it.

Other topic LACK OF EVENT PULLS. Oh god… This one buggs me alot. Chritmas event had some tokens and some of ya’ll know that it had 6 types of boxes which all had decent gear BESIDES 1 of em. The infamous Ho-Ho-Pack. 95% recived this box. 1 PEICE of tier 3 gear or a radio/watch. Let’s be honest most people got a random peice of gear. To make this worse it took more then around 40 mins a day to get the stuff you needed for a token. and you need 12 of them for a pull so 40 mins X 12 = 480 minutes. So people spent 8 hours for a peice of tier 3, 6* gear. WHAT. AN. JOKE. Scopley needs to improve events to make the game more fun and enjoyable to play. Thanks dear - MistaC


Also forgot to say the roadmap for the gear. Yeah that one also sucks. We get overstocked with the rare walkies and bags. And NOT the 6 small peices for an 5*/tier 1 6*. Just add the old one in my opinion.


Agree with everything (totally missed a chance with the Christmas event to get some community backing…was the proud owner of 1x knife sheath from the hoho pack, yawn).

I’d personally like to see one of them region events to kill so many walkers, level up so many toons for some t3/t4 6* gear/medals (current items everyone needs essentially), something to go alongside this constant stream of level up - sr - level up - sr - oh a war - level up - sr…last blitz war, don’t recall one in ages? Do a blitz war once a month with medals as milestones (the sr crate takes too long if other things aren’t there to supplement it more often) anything like that to mix it up a little to get people wanting to play. It’s one of the few games I’ve seen where the more content that’s added the more disenchanted the player base gets and the most frustrating thing is as players we can see it and all you have to do is listen to advice given, i only signed up to this forum a day ago and it’s full of great ideas/pointers from players. Case and point from @MistaC initial post.


Totaly agreed.

Just had a second thought because of your original post @MistaC and the reward suggestions. How about this, there used to be an unreleased 5* toon as a reward, build the 6* toon base up by revamping old 5* toons make them all ascendable putting the 6* version as the top prize and 5* version 2nd prize with a 5 star for 3rd which will be made ascendable in future…would give the game a new lease of life, the toon base is there after all.

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And yet no one still cares…:joy::joy::joy:

So u must be following me? Cool story bruh…:joy::joy::joy:

Scopely. @kalishane. We’re not trying to be negative, we’re really not but since the introduction of 6* the 5* and, consequently, 5* tokens have become devalued. If all of the 5* in the wheel were ascendable that may be different but what you are essentially offering us is less than a quarter of a 6* which are the only toons we are chasing right now. You have essentially cut the value of the prize by 400% from the first CRW. Is it that you don’t see that or is that a deliberate policy? With the exception of a handful of characters such a Priya and yellow Michonne 5* just don’t mean anything anymore so come on - if you want to retain our interest you need to make the prizes worthwhile. If there is nothing worth fighting for we’ll eventually stop playing.

I for one have gotten a few refunds as of late simply by sending screenshots of kalishanes own “we screwed up” posts.

Can you post some of those posts here so we can see? Thanks.

I’ll get banned for sure lol. It’s not hard. Just click her picture go thru her replies. There’s tons of them.


Regardless of their business plan, one thing for sure and it’s that 5* value dropped from US$300 to US$11 over 3 months.

That 18,000 token for first place in the next CRW is worth less than US$22.

Yea that guy is either a scopley employee or he has a crush on dude… He just can’t stay off his nutsack.

Great Idea! Totaly Idea

A totaly good idea*