What are the corks for?

Did a a ten pull for Wayland and got a bag with 1000 corks in it. Was wondering what they are used for?

P.s before ppl get mad. I saved those coins up. #playersunited

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They are an other way to get wayland

Where from? I’m heavily blind :joy::joy::joy:

From missions, you can get his 5 star version for 4k cork for example

Oh ye just seen it. Damnnn I’m nowhere near then lol. Great love it

They really should put it in the description for the cork screws. Says in museum so I was looking at the museum for 5 mins thinking it didn’t load in.

There are too lazy to restart the war even with the amount of people that want the restart so I’m not surprised tbh

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Ye exactly same here.

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What’s with the ice cream? What’s the point doing the roadmap?

Wine bottles, for use after disappointments.



I’d say for next week promo mostly

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