What are the best weapons effects for christa?

what are the best weapons effects for christa?

I’d go with stun/focus (defender4) on special and either 15/35 (teamplayer4 “failed” crit success) or basic dmg 20% (destruction4 “failed” crit success) as then you can hit shields, commands and other defense buffs with extra force and ignoring defense bonus…

But if she’s squishy and you’re hiding her behind a shield anyway, could have the special slot deal splash damage (slayer4) 120% atk against all adjacent (killing with the destruction4)

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how well does slayer4 work on christa? compared to rampage on priya…?

If she has a nice atk while taunt mod few team player weapons and she is golden. The offense will hesitate to use doc/princess as she gets super buff and can destroy a whole team almost. Especially if they are not an s class toon

thx i might try that;)

First try to craft a 4* weapon with Splash Damage before setting up the 5* weapon part. The Splash Damage can hit quite heavy when Christa has Atk mods equipped.

gonna do it on Mia weapon… already has TP and its 5*. thanks for heads up tho;)

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