What are some ways you guys motivate your faction?


I’ve been playing the game since it’s release and when the game first came out it was easy to recruit and keep people motivated in tournaments. I had a top 10 faction in the beginning but I left it to start a newer faction. The game has changed however and recruiting is sad. I finally got a faction of 27, other than using Kik or Line, I just wanted some suggestions on how you guys keep each other participating and interested in the “tournaments”? :slight_smile:


Thats a great question. Had 10 people retire from my fac in the last 2 months and having to attempt to rebuild :persevere:


Yeah, our region is much older and our top people are dropping like flies. I’m trying to help newer players in our region but the rewards are making it hard. Most of them just care about getting a character in the first place.


Oh my goodness that is so simple yet so genius!


Can i join on the next vacation? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! The fam & I are going to Madrid in 3 weeks :smiley:


Light hearted in-house competition can motivate. E.G., Race you to the tower, can you outscore me this war, etc

Fun things that make the faction seem more like a tight knit group, like faction related art or highlights and praise when the faction does well, goes a long way. Even saying Good morning and greeting the ones who reply personally goes a long way toward building your factions solidarity.

An experienced player like you should be able to help the newer players progress quickly. At milestones (roadmaps unlocked, First special weapon, first 6 star, etc) share their excitement, and help them decide what to do next

Keeping the mood light is important. Try not to complain. Focus on the positives. Some things suck, but complaining amplifies negative emotions, which leads to impulsive decisions, like leaving or quitting.

It’s a game, it should be fun, so try to help the mates have fun, even when things could be better in the game.


I hear ya, I speak with everyone who replies, I ask them if they need help we talk about our collective alcoholism, characters etc… I know everyone is on I post on our GC and FC when tournies are active constantly. It’s just I can’t get people to participate or be excited about participating. Right now we are #13 raids which is a good position and I have 1/4 of the faction wanting to go for 10th and the other 3/4 dead silent.


I understand your frustration.

Is the 3/4 silence the result of a mass message to the whole faction, faction chat, or a group chat outside the game? Or a combination of the 3?


I Mass message the faction in game, post up on the faction bulletin in game, post on faction chat in game, and then in our line chat. Then for my players on a different time zone I post it again just to make sure it doesn’t get lost in all the madness. They just go silent. Like their souls are being sucked. I have an scoreboard full of 0’s and everyone has been on today, yesterday at the latest.


It’s hard d to motivate everywhere unfortunately, but harder outside the top few factions.

We’re a top 5 faction and event we’ve had 8 of our top level players leave in about 2 months - all to burnout. We’ve recruited small groups to try to bring in excitement and teamwork but even then we’re at 27/30.

I keep in close touch with my old faction (about 8-12) and they’re the same as you describe - 1/3 to 1/2 try each event but always have zeroes.

I recently got some engagement by congratulating the top 1/2 on their activity based on FA tickets, but that doesn’t engage the bottom half which is always the trouble…


Simply put, we don’t really other than the desire to kick some ass.

Minimums used to be a regular thing…i hear fewer facs doing it because the replacement pool of people ia so damn small now that ita becoming a dry well to poison with bad vibes.


How well do you know the zeroes? Do they dislike raiding (it’s frustrating at times, especially if you don’t have 6*)? Do they want Vincent? Do they know a zero means no rewards at all and less chance of getting him? Do they need help getting an offense team together to do better in raids?

As a leader, I don’t want to push anyone to do something they don’t want to. But if I can find out why they don’t want to do something, sometimes I can help address it and make it less of an obstacle


I tell jokes, and mess around a lot. Not much in the way of traditionally helping the faction, but it gets some people happy.


We actually just had a group discussion about how if you do not put up points you don’t get rewards. The AOW before last a player was mad because he didn’t get rewards, and I explained this to everyone. Everybody asks for help when they need it. Im pretty sure a lot of them think they won’t be able to get Vincent and have a why try thing going on. At this point I think it is starting to be loss of interest all together


Lol I Dont think I play this game sober anymore and my faction thinks its funny :wink:


We had 5 people in my faction, including myself, have babies last year. Its a lot of baby videos, pictures and good laughs. Our region is pretty dead, but we managed to absorb some active players from a lower ranked faction about a month or 2 ago. Its brought a new mix of people and our faction is having fun again. When you can have fun, it motivates people to do better.


I know, I’m torn between hating and loving this game. It’s hard to push push push for participation like we used to by kicking or demoting because, the end game isn’t even worth it.


I got Wyatt on 2 accounts with reasonable participation and even a few events skipped completely on my less active alt account. Assuming the rewards are copy/pasted from the Gold Nugget event, your mates should be able to do the same. Each skipped event makes it less likely though.

Pregolori has a good point about loss of interest. If that’s the case, there’s not much to be done. Trying to rekindle their interest by just being friendly and fun and encouraging can help, but if they don’t want to play, encouraging them to play anyway isn’t the friendly thing to do



I find a little bit of this from time to time helps.