What are some of the best wave 3a and 3b regions?

Looking to transfer to one soon. Thanks.

I’d maybe go scout out some of the high activity ones with a mini account.

You better be in wave 3. I doubt anyone in wave 1 or 2 will be able to move backwards

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I think it depends what you are looking for really. Are you moving with a faction or by yourself?

They should open up regions again, all of them so people can go where they want, its getting ridiculous now in wave 1 with whales running from whales , a low level player trying to make his way up is stuck and has no chance with all these whales throwing their smelly blubber around lol


Berkeley is a nice region

I would avoid Lewis - one fac dominates and global chat is toxic. Quite a few are leaving

Bryan is good. It’s relaxed and chilled. People are nice here as well haha

Lewis is awesome! :smile:

Well yeah, cos you’re in the dominating fac lol

Cannon is nice but may not be open although it was last go around.

Effingham a good region

Come to Jefferson we share territories and we are nice especially me

Want us to move there and straighten them out :slight_smile:

pretty sure there is only wave 3 … none of this wave 3a/3b marlarkay lol

Besides which, most are very casual, low active. nothing you can truly push for in CRW

crenshaw is a pretty easy region 1 top faction and maybe 1 other active mediocre faction so would be extremely easy rewards

We have three active factions and a couple that are hit and miss. Our faction is a mix of America, England, Germany and if you other Europeans. The other two main factions or Japanese mixed with a couple Europeans

Brantley is a nice chilled region. Not toxic just friendly banter in gc

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They will need competition, the number two fac is leaving if it opens up.

Montgommery is revived. It still status as medium. But thats not true…