What are some fun free fps games?

Don’t mention TF2 though, I’ve tried it already and it’s an awful game.

TF2 can get boring at times.

Unturned, War thunder, Csgo, Black Squad.

Brown dust

Bruh! Love that game! Was made by a 9 year old kid, does a better job than scopely.

Not an fps but warframe is one of, if not the best damn f2p game out ever, i have it running in 4k on my pc high settings, grinding with a squad thru space getting a custom tehno suit is such fun!

@Sterling get a gaming pc, build it yourself, its not as hard as people think, get steam and wait for the winter and summer sales, triple A titles for like $10, bundles of games so like all witcher games or bioshock games for $20, dirt cheap games, better graphics, upgradable, free games, mods for games, i have left 4 dead with mods where the zombies are all teletubbies and you play and Futurama characters, for black ops 3 zombies i have over 300 maps plus other mods like game modes, weapons, etc.


Cod mobile on Android
Paladins or No More Room in Hello id you like good zombie games

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Fun fact. The dude originally made it roblox but stopped due to kids stealing his models.
(People on roblox tend to steal models that are private and claim em as they own)

Dude made it on steam and its a hit

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Scary that this is the state of affairs.

There is a filter for Free download games… but they are rarely that.

An oldie but a goodie is: Plague Inc

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I bought all the dlc for plague inc, love the zombie, vampire and planet of the apes virus ones

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Lmao brown dust is strategy game, but i like it


I played TF2 for like 2 hours and there was so much racism and porn images everywhere.

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Destiny 2 is f2p and is pretty decent.