What are f2p fast atk and good def teams look like?

Hello everybody!
I have most of f2p toons, unfortunatelly im new here and cant post all my roster.
I tried a lot by myself but every time there was smth i missed and failed.
Be glad to see your suggestions and feedback.
Help me please!


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I’d likely run something

Eric lead
Eric, gDouglas/gKal, cGlenn

From there you can fill in the slots with either sheild (if owned) , control toons, killers, or more revives.

Donny lead
Donny, gRick, cNik

From there fill in the slots with toons like above.

Solids options by function

Impair - Lori, Gov
Taunt - Kal, Maggie
Confuse - Sophie, Lee, Shiva
Stun - Duane, Aris
Killers - bTara
Revives - gRick, Solange, Sandy
Atk Down - rRick

I know there are others.


Focus toons Lead Rick, lori, Yvette, and viktor 4 pesky shields

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What about good atk toons against your suggestions? ;D

prev crw i used bAndrea, Lori, rMirabelle, bTyreese,evaGov against any def…30/70 wins

nowadays i cant win any Eriks teams with it…

I admit it’s difficult at the moment due to the lack of offensive builds available. I’ll try to loon at options but in all likeliness slow grind with offensive control is likely the route to go.

Personally I like andrea+tyrese+rose/tara. Should be able to down the toughest and may need. Tara/rose to soften, Tyrese to kill row. Kit a huge fan of Andrea lead and requires Ap weapons for turn 3 functionality. Alternatively AoW Maggie gives a awesome atk boost/heal and probably Douglas for some control.

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For F2P attack teams, if you have some depot chars,
I recommend something like this
Tough Andrea lead, alert Brian, alert Lori, tough Tyrese, tough (boom roasted) Maggie. This should get you a pretty good start with F2P toons. Buff and neutralize with Lori, focus with Maggie and decap with Ty. Brian is just really good damage output for F2P and he’s my dude. If you have access to someone like tough hunter, or the holy one alert Alice, that may be an alternative since this team may need an attacking revive, (although if you have Alice you could build a much different team)

So basically when you are making a team, you want to synergize the lead with the characters. Huge AP on attack and +40 attack to your team is usually what you want in a lead skill. You should also craft weapons to synergize further, huge AP on attack, +30 attack, stun gun, impair on attack, bonus ap to Ty, something along those lines. Also most teams aren’t one size fits all, some teams have hard counters that others can slice through like butter so keep experimenting. Hope this helps!

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thx a lot dude for your view!
need some practise to attack fast on f2p haha…

I think about some of that defs.
What is looks better?

my attack team
i alwats want it that duane but he did never appear in my depot

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hmm who gives u buff of atk?
i see, u can taunt by kal and garrett…
but is it enough to control the opponent?

You mean defence team?

Because that Eric lead is short of any kind of decent leaderskill that benefits you when attacking…

like i said i must deal with what i got and since scopely dosent care to give us good melee leader for now i use that and it works pretty well on guys below top 30

Eric has slowed down the meta even more for the players without Alice/Diego… he’s actually turning into a terrible toon for the f2p. Now even f2p have timeout teams with stun on attack. They were much better off with Carl lead.

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This is what I use eric team defends well vs mid tier few shit raiders from higher groups. Screenshot_2019-03-05-00-50-26

both atk teams are min of 4-5 turns

Use Garrett, I mean he’s not a great leader for attack but he’s better than Eric.

I would also argue that Rise to Power Rick, Green Abe, Mirabelle, Green Negan all are pretty available F2P melee leaders. None are perfect, all are much more viable on attack than a toon that offers no attack leader skill.

I have neither Alice nor Diego and tend to smash most Eric’s owned by “F2P” players. But that might be because the Sandy from Road Rage is a killing machine. Either way, a timeout team is not about the leader - I’ve seen great timeout teams with Carl lead, and terrible ones with Lydia/Eric lead - it’s about the whole team.

i doing pretty nice since Eric heals and revive and i dont need to fight top players to show the skill. and i have use for bruce that way

I’m not saying don’t run Eric, he’s a decent support toon with his stun cure AS. And if it works for you, well done for making it work.

I’m just saying that the key to a good and (as the topic title suggests) fast attack team is to have a leader with an attack minded leader skill

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i know :slight_smile: but i tried to run only fast but didnt work and then green Carl it was decent but i didnt had revive

He’s not unbeatable, it’s just slowing down everyone even more. And now with the Hershel leak… you could have an f2p defense with Eric, Solange, Hershel and Douglas… just more and more tanky and slow.