What are beta testers good for?


Lets get a list going of what everyone thinks beta testers are good for. Would also love to hear from some Scopely employees as to what they expect from their beta testers.

  1. Feedback is always important. We read it here and in the Beta group. The feedback may not be immediately actionable or change our release plans but it can be used to inform future feature changes like the war update.

  2. Bugs are a pretty straight forward thing to look for. To give guidance here I’m really looking for the things that have changed in your day to day, things that are weird, different, not expected from one update to the next. This can be difficult when much of the testing is limited to the Beta Region, which isn’t intended function like a normal region, but we are working on options here.

  3. Personally I’m also looking for ways to improve the beta. We’re walking a tight rope between making the Beta Regions more reflective of actual game play but not wanting the Beta Regions to be seen as a regular region to play on. Any suggestions on how to improve the beta would be welcome.

Answering the first two suggestions:

  1. I wish we could support iOS too and we are looking into our options.

  2. Yes I want to give you more stuff but I need to figure out a safe way of doing that first =)


The last bug report I made in the beta group was ignored. This was last October.

When the beta group was first started, or rather when I first joined, the reports that I made were responded to quickly and acted on quickly as well.

Is there a desired format or certain tags or other methods I should use if I try to submit bugs to the beta group in the future? I’d given up and switched to reporting them here.


Generally this format is preferred:

We do our best to respond the bug reports we see but we may not respond to every report unless we need more information. The forum here is monitored far more heavily than the Beta Group so if we miss something in Beta, Shane may see it and send it our way. We’ve talked about moving the Beta Discussions here and turning off posting in the Beta Community but that’s only one of the solutions being discussed.


First and foremost you need to tell us when you need/ require beta testing for new updates etc, fac assault, territory tournaments never got a mention when they were released in beta and its only due to word of mouth that i personally tested them out , but many others simply missed them.

Secondly remove the paid options in beta , we should not have the options to spend our coins here. Without war/ roadmaps/tornaments etc there is little incentive make it a regular region to play as you say .
Im not saying unlimited pulls or fills , etc but when sr tournaments were released in beta, there was almost no way to test it out ,as you had the hour energy regen , a short tornament window and no fills were given out although you could spend the coins you paid for buying these cans to test the feature out this should not be an option at all.

Finally if you want beta regions to be able to test more stuff out you need to give incentives for us to test it out both in beta and main regions( e.g.for beta more characters and weapons, note beta 1 who tested armory all have special weapons which the other 3 beta regions dont have acsess to and if you join any of the regions now you dont even get a guaranteed 5* which means most people dont have the option to test things effectively ).
But more crucially offer the people something they can actually use in regular regions, and proper support if the beta update breaks the regular game for them, half the time us beta users end up forced into an update which breaks part of the game like the most recent one and the Armoury failing crits, and it was far to long before we got an idea of if we would get compensated for the parts we lost (a Month maybe?) Either way i had 2 threads closed by support , and was told to stop bringing it up. (remember sr bugs etc)
What do we get for facing these bugs, a few coins every couple of months nowhere near what we potentially lose from dealing with the bugs.

Sorry , also please listen to the feedback , when 6* were introduced we said they were to strong and were nerfed, and then you know the rest (but you lost alot of players for ignoring beta feedback)


When I was in beta I’m sure it was not for testing. The forums, the G+page, the massages, all went unanswered. Game was still passed live with all the bugs and glitches no matter what.

Only time I can recall the beta testers being listened to was when we said Supply Depot was a awesome way to get rid of 1&2* weapons\characters and well we can see from even current Supply Depot that they made sure they couldn’t be turned into Supply points.


You were asked to pay for things in beta…?

Wtf that’s ridiculous.


All valid feedback and things we’ve discussed internally. There are a lot of limitations with the current Beta set up that tie our hands in terms of what we can and cannot offer players. We’re looking into ways to completely separate Beta from your live account, even to the point where you’d have a completely separate app on your phone for Beta to remove any risk of beta issues impacting your live game. By extension, this would also allow us to provide more items for testing without the risk of those items spilling into the live regions. That said, I don’t know that we will ever be able to offer any form of reward or compensation for being part of the beta. For many, early access to features is already seen as advantage enough, especially when our beta waiting list is close to 10k people and an entire platform is excluded from participation. I’m not ruling out the potential to find something nice to do to beta players, just managing expectations.


I Appreciate the comment on having early access is its own reward and to some extent it is if your releasing features like wars , but when testing mundane stuff like gear depot, or stashes there need to be some sort of incentive there to get people to participate personally i think that over the year you should be able to acquire/earn something even if its like a form of token you can only get for participating in each beta build and when you aquire enough you get something for your main region , but what is fair is the question.

Also separate beta would be excellent if possible as it would alleviate a lot of concerns people have with being a beta user, with bugs leaking into the main game.
but while it is not its own entity the issues that leak into the main game often cost us coins to fix as the support basically ignore the problem , take the sr bug where most my characters where dead at the start due to a beta bug i had to use most my med kits so i could compete that event . this is where beta needs to step up its game most of all


yeh when sr tournaments were added we were, unsurprisingly a bug was found in later stages in live regions, that no one got to in beta severally damaging certain peoples progress.

Beta users were listened to on territory tournaments recently though, thy were a major disaster and that is the last we have heard from them for a long time


Oh god those were awful. I still don’t know what the the objective was.


everyone needing to spend in the last hour to win, could have been a major cashgrab back iin the day with the right rewards


Well, you definitely have my vote on making Beta a separate program from the main game.

It’s been about 5 days and I still can’t access my account due to that problem with “switching accounts” and being locked out.


Switching accounts as in Facebook or switching accounts as in iOS to Android?


I only have an Android account which is linked to Facbook, but I have two Android devices. One of them malfunctioned and I had to send it back to manufacturer. But when I updated to the latest beta version, I wasn’t able to access my account because the Account Linked button is grayed out, so I’m stuck with a new level one account. You made a comment about it over here:

I’ve been checking Google Play about 20 times a day to see if a new version has been released since this problem began 4-5 days ago.


Make the beta so we can max out our level fast. Grinding to lvl up characters with no roadmaps is not worth the pain. If you want us to test something i.e. like the armory make it so we don’t have to wait 2 days to see success. Everything on beta should be on an accelerated timetable. One last thing make our roster very very very big because when you drop a tonne of toons on us plus bags of food we run out of space fast.


I made a post later in the thread related to the issue you’re experiencing:

That being said, contact CS to get this issue resolved.


I am a beta tester an spend time there everytime New things comes along. An I like we get a little for the time spend there turney an so on. Just been a long time since last we got anything…It takes time away from Our main region whitout getting anything from it. Also we get hit by most of the bugs Also making us have trouble in Our main region. S


Easiest way to get get iOS beta and to prevent trip ups in other regions

Make beta a separate app on a separate server, list this app as separate app on app stores with dedicated logins. The same as any QA in developing, no risk of crossover issues,

True beta experience make a contact dev option too.

Offer some incentive by linking your account code (coins etc)



Everything you just said would absolutely solve the problems.

Everything you just said is also far from easy.