What are 6* for players?


Hi I would like to know your advice about 6*:

Im starting. For plenty of our mate 6* are:

  • less strategy ( everyone has same teams…)
  • less fun, 5* unlocked with luck or event are obsolète, thank you scopely for respecting players passed time on the gamr
  • boring : it i like starting the game a seco’d time
  • twdrts killer


give it time, there are more and more 6s toons in premier recruits so, very soon, it will be back to normal where the p2p squash the f2p calr and mira teams with their negans and yumikos


I just don’t get it how they produced new 5* every week and now stuck with no new legendaries. Also why making 6* new 5*? Same old milking could’ve been over new 5* and EXTREMELY-HARD-TO-GET truly legendary characters with awesome game model, unique abilities and so on. But nah here you have imbalanced range lead and a bit more rare imbalanced melee lead and a whole new pool of useless five stars! Have fun!


In my opinion. 6*s are just broken down toys that need fixed.


Gannicus is straight up savage! Battled him last CRW and dayum!

Honestly, I’m enjoying 6*s. I was pissed when they first came out, because I was finally starting to get a good team together. Then all of a sudden, it sucked again. I was even more pissed when they buffed them, and I was forced to ascend Mira just to stay competitive. Time goes on and you just have to embrace change or be left behind.

I think the reason 6s are coming out slower is because they are being much more finely balanced. There were a few 5s that were significantly more powerful than the rest of the pool, and the imbalance was just too much. I think 6*s were intended to add a new dimension to the combat meta, while also giving players more to achieve vis a vis ascendance.

I know change is hard, but power creep happens in every game. Know that it’s always coming, and that the rate of inflation in rts isn’t exponential as it is in other games. Embrace it or get left behind.


I disagree about your less strategy point. My server was overrun by 1-turn teams. I didn’t have one myself but my raids always ended by turn 2. People could field different teams but there wasn’t much strategy there either.

I do agree that we do need more variety of teams but that’s not going to happen unless they release 6* faster.


It is nothing different than when we all had 3 star teams at the start and 4 stars started integrating. And the same when 5 stars started coming available. It’s the exact same evolution. And when you say everyone has the same teams I guess we are forgetting the Andrea teams that 99% of people ran when that was the meta. It too will pass so give it time.


I would say “cash grab”