What an offer! Bravo


So for only 25 bucks I can get all this sweet gear? And I can buy it 3 times too? Holy crap! Sign me up for 3 please.

Oh wait I can also get this for FREE by doing the daily map.

Who buys these things? I mean someone has to otherwise they would stop popping up. All the time.



Don’t hate the “payers” -hate the game(developers/live opps) suckers are born every day


What? No hate. Really want to know who buys them. If I didn’t have the time and I really needed this I would spend 5 bucks.


But would you spend 24.99?


Dude… Stfu… You’re going to ruin this awesome deal for the rest of us by shining a spotlight on it.


Nope and that’s my point. Someone has to be buying them at this price for them to keep offering this deal. Who are these people? What are the circumstances where they had to buy this at 25 bucks. Do they regret it after the fact?



Hey… thats a deal… heres mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I nvr buy these… btw… i do grind for coins tho as u can see clearly in my sceeenshot haha


Wow! Thats even better! So lucky… :rofl:

I should have also mentioned this earlier. How the hell do they get away with charging different prices for the same exact thing? That’s some serious bullshit. With the internet at our fingertips its not like they can hide the fact that they are doing this. This is probably more upsetting than the shitty deal itself.


Hurry buy yours b4 it turns into mine


Oh ex pletive> @ebola has a better deal.


Ikr… i want @IronandWine 's deal… id buy 5 so it would be like getting one for free



Now your thinking the scopley way! :joy:


It’s meant to save you from 3 days of farming.


Even if it was 1,99$ i wouldnt buy it so…


I would buy 20 of them then lol


To be honest even if it was a free offer i would be dissapointed. 1 piece of gear??? GTFO


Yeah I get that. Not disputing what the offers do. Just seriously want to know who blows 25 bucks on these. Since you can also buy 3 who blows 75 on the entire lot?

Since were at it why limit it to 3. If someone is loaded why not let them buy a 1000 of them. Think of the profit!