What am I meant to do with the (currently) 8000 extra Chihuahua Plush I have?

I’m not on pace to collect my 4th romanov. This is looking like another wasted RNG wheel event. Come on Scopely, be better! Give us some museum collections for gear, or a stash, or u know anything else we could use these dogs on

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Thank You and i have him on my attack team and he is the shit

work hard? 2 pulls is like after 50th place in most events lol

i get 1st to 3rd most times, do 5 - 9 pulls or more and get nothing

congrats though, nothing against you, the system is broken

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you never get SD points for museum collections

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Already have him maxed. And yes he’s useless.
So wtf would i want to collect this garbage?
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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I meant work hard and grind to get 1* for level up so I can get the Benedict

@GR.Scopely any update on this? I’m in the same boat as many others who already have Romanov and don’t want to redeem for a 2nd one…

Shouldn’t be too difficult to add some other collections surely.

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Same as I did with seashells…watch them disappear :grinning:

wait till they turn into 800 supply points

Be grateful, I’m never outside top 50 in anything and I’m sitting on around 10k, 5* tokens are better now than this, reminds me of that poopie beach ball thingy🤗 Ps and every other RNG event there has ever been

Nope… you don’t even get supply points

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The same as previous events with regards to beachballs, seashells etc

Finished the event rather quickly due to winning a few events, BUT still getting ONLY Puppy plush rewards that are useless in game, been like 3rd time in a row just puppies

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely Can we get some more information on this, i’m sure these problems should be thought up in the think tank prior to releasing it BUT who am i to say these things


Could we maybe have items we could use these on? I have three of these guys already even if I collect this one I will have lots of extras! @JB.Scopely


tag GR dude! he handles forums comm

@GR.Scopely tagged :stuck_out_tongue:

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i missed jb.scopley though


Totally agree! Something else besides another Romanov would be ideal.

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Should have a dual collection to collect Rom or use the plushies for gear, rings, etc

Sadly with the hundreds of other museum stuff already they only room for paid collections??

Hello everyone,

I have escalated this to the team for review.