What am I meant to do with the (currently) 8000 extra Chihuahua Plush I have?

Push harder

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All we ask for is updates, I’m sure we can all appreciate that stuff can’t be added and implemented instantly. But updates like this go a long way to easing people’s concerns.
Thank you


2 days left on this collection. Its Friday.

Nice after getting called out on the other thread. I guess that’s what t takes now a days.

This is so pathetic. Nothing will happen. The collections will die and this topic will be ignored just like the seashells collection. It’s not coming back at another time.

This forum is just one giant waste of time.


41k plush doggies looking for a purpose

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under 9 hours to go :disappointed_relieved:

I claimed Romanov 15k plushies ago. I think i have enough for 2nd Roman :weary::gun:

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What is this about? 3 day tournament and event ends in 7 hours???

Hey GR the tokens expire in a couple hours so not really sure how much longer itll take. Is it that hard to go and tell the team" hey guys make it so you can trade # of plushies for a certain amount of 5* tokens

3days no update, museum about to expire

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Of course no message about update but second romanov available in museum
But where is our communication
And what to do with my now 35k plushies after second romanov?
And what to do whit all overnumbered balloons?
Dev team cant count

Wtf again Romanov ?

As has been said in other threads, it’s likely they’ve restarted the collection to give people who haven’t managed to claim him yet extra time, due to the tokens still being given out for this level up. A side effect of that mess is that he’s now available for others to claim a second time. Nobody’s saying you have to.

However it would be nice to get some confirmation from Scopely about what will happen to extra plushies.

They said you will be able to use it in a future collections and the plushies carry over.

Who knows if this “future” is now with this refreshed museum collection with Romanov? We still dont know what to do :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Step 1: Do you need Romanov?

  • If yes, go to step 2
  • If no, go to step 3

Step 2: Use your plushies to get redeem Romanov. Go to Step 4.
Step 3: Save your plushies and see what happens later. Go to Step 4.
Step 4: Done.


Unreal they won’t give mini collections to let players use their rewards on. It just really says a lot about them.

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Thanks, I’d seen that but with the use of the terms “intent”, “pending” and “whenever it gets sign off” I don’t want to be too certain until those “exhaustive details” are shared!! I hope they follow through with this but unfortunately we’ve been bitten too many times to trust them.

I’m saving my plushies regardless, I don’t need a 4th Romanov!


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