What am I meant to do with the (currently) 8000 extra Chihuahua Plush I have?

Like I unlocked Romanov from the collection already so now whenever I get a chihuahua plush from the tokens it’s as if I did all my work for nothing.

I didn’t grind like hell to get Top 10 in the Raid tournament only to pull 1500 5* tokens and 5000 chihuahua that I can’t actually use on anything.

You NEED to either create a GOOD, REPEATABLE roadmap or create museum collections we can use them in that are also GOOD; 6* gear, Ascendables, 5* trainers.

Like this is the worst wheel I’ve EVER seen in the game as despite coming Top 10 I basically didn’t get any rewards as I already maxed the plushies days ago. Did you talentless, money grabbing hacks even think this damn wheel through? Maybe if we only had the one collection for them it would’ve been a good idea to bloody remove them from the wheel for people the minute they hit 20k?

#playersunited doesn’t seem to be working st all with this rewards structure


I’m in the same boat, looking forward to my SD tokens lol


Did they even say that excess would be converted to SD tokens?

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Well I do agree but now that you have Romanov maybe don’t grind to top 10

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I don’t believe excess collection items are converted. Only the tokens used to get them. And dont expect those either. My WD tokens never got converted. Took several messages arguing with support to get them. Was only 2800, but principles, ya know.

But the seashells, beach balls and sombreros people had left over were not converted to anything. So i doubt the toy dogs will be either. Just gotta hope they finally do something right and make secondary collections for them. Just hoping it’s not another roadmap… that was the worst way to address excess items…

@GR.Scopely. Please get us some other collections to use these items on. And nobody likes or enjoys rewards/collections set up this way. Please don’t do this again…


Feed them🤗

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This is wholesome.

Many people already have Romonov or simply don’t want him. There should be other things to spend the plushies on… mods, trainers… anything!

Shortsightedness by Scopely its almost like they don’t give a f***. Oh yeah… they don’t



You can eagerly wait for 80 depot markers

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Stop competing in events giving the tokens when they are rewards for ranks so that everyone else go wants red Romanov gets more of a chance at getting him.

But I agree. Most other collectibles have more options.


I like to think that my toons will use them as toilet paper… seeing as be worthless after event. An in the zombie apocalypse can’t see them being used any other way

Wow, you grinded raids for top 10? Like actually fighting defenses?

Same thing will probably happen to them that happened to the beach balls and sombreros that people had extra after collecting toons. At least for those lucky enough to get anything. I got squat. It’s why PU is pushing for change. Aside from my teammates not sure why I bother anymore. I still like the game but tired of rng and crappy rewards or no rewards as in the WD tokens

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If you think they’re useless after claiming a Romanov just think how useless those chihuahuas are for the people that had him before the event even started


I thought the last wheel was worse. Beachballs, hats, sea shells. Many grinded for a month and literally got absolutely nothing


Sorry but many people would like that problem, including me. There are bigger things you could worry about. No sympathy from me.


I pulled two times and I got a ryker, I just pull for fun to see what I get even though I work hard.

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Ahhhh that wonderful RNG thing. I grinded hard in all events, pulled 30x and only got Romanov itens and not even enough for his claim. Congrats for your Ryker, he can be a monster in the right hands.