What actually is the point of assault ticket daily max?

I know it has been questioned multiple times
in this forum and I don’t actually expect an official respose… but why is there a daily maximum limit to how many assault tickets you can get in the first place?

It’s not like Tara has ever been for sale to my knowledge so not trying to squeeze spenders (me occasionally) for an advantage, sort of by having her.

I could kinda see the point during this current assault event but you would think even scopely would want you to go all out to get as many tickets as possible for your faction meaning using/buying world, raid, SR, war (if that was around) and territory refills to get more tickets every day. I can see the limit now considering they are selling them in offers for the first time ever but I just don’t understand the limit up until that I guess.

Maybe I’m just ranting but it has always bothered me considering I play this game too much and say what you want about that lol. But I lose all motivation as soon as tickets are maxed for the day and usually do something else so it just doesn’t make sense to me.


They limit a lot of stuff needlessly or even to their own detriment. Same thing with roster and weapon caps. No real point, but yet it’s there.


Scopely: Buy these new characters!
Players: But I don’t have Lilliths or gear to level them so what’s the point?



While I don’t agree with their reasoning for limiting gear, trainers (I personally haven’t had much issues with getting enough active or ar trainers but everyone has different experiences), I can see a clear line of reasoning for it, profit. In the case of a character cap, they only get a very short term profit boost that is then negated in a long term view as they even cap the amount of extra slots can buy, and can eventually slow peoples desire to pull when they also need space to collect trainers for the 2-3 levelups a week. Then in the case of the weapon cap, there is absolutely no gain to anyone. There wasn’t even a cap until the armory came out under some bs that it messed up the armory, tho even now u can go way over the limit token farming or collecting basic tokens and I’ve never noticed anything glitchy about it when then interacting with the armory.

It caps because the game would be off-kilt if it weren’t. People would get tired of the feature. Unlimited tickets would be a really bad idea imo.

Perhaps they should increase the max daily amount, but they definitely shouldn’t be unlimited.

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Someone at Scopley probably did the math and thought that 1350 was a reasonable limit.

1350 x 30 members x 7 days = more than enough for a T6 Assault

So I can only presume they didn’t want players running them more frequently.

The issue is that, prior to this x3 event, it was pretty difficult to hit the cap on a regular basis unless you were dropping multiple cans a day so the 1,350 was probably rarely an issue.

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To prevent “Inventory Leakages”

For the same reason we have a cap on Mods scrap ?

To make it even harder to get flares for Tara so when you finally get her to t4 legendary, she is obsolete like Prestige 13 Michonne?

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Pretty simple. FÃ gives you markers for gear. They want to limit the gear as much as they can so the 1 percent of players can still buy these gear bundles.

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Personally, I think the limit on FA tickets is a necessary evil to help counter any unforeseen bugs or exploits from causing an inordinate amount of damage. Someone figures out an exploit to instantly generate a million FA tickets? The cap is a counter measure to that.

But, having said that, the cap on mod scraps is way too low for the cost of moving mods. I’d still prefer that they lower the cost than raise the cap.


Throttle the grinding as to elongate your play time.

Goal is to make it a habit for you to log in, therefor making you more invested and less likely to leave.

Player retention also ensures opportunity for conversion to paying customer.

Same reason for energy, etc. Otherwise you’d consume the gestures in very short period of time and feel like there’s nothing to do.


If they raise the caps that will mean more energy used to farm wood , more cans spent = more money buying refills it’s a win win situation

We already feel there’s nothing to do , I’d rather for them to make new characters in FA , new tiers to match up with the rapidly increasing power of toons than throttling our progress that’s how you keep your players interested in your game not by making them do the same thing over and over forever for a reward that will be obsolete by the time you get it

Yeah, let’s lift the cap so people can start running their farming macros again and collect unlimited amounts of FA tickets… That will be fun for honest players. :thinking::thinking:

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They didnt have weapon cap at first, but then found out that having several thousand weapons crashed the game when trying to disassemble them.

But is it really a issue? I’m fairly sure no one have 1000 weapons they would like to keep.

Funny thing is I never have had that problem, and because I token farm I’ll regularly get to 2500-3000 weapons. It only allows u to dissassemble 100 at a time anyway while the 1-2s go for food (which is ever fleeting and a nightmare to get through depot, but I digress)

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Respectfully disagree. There’s too much to do. Every time they add more things, I question how much longer I can continue to keep up with the time sink.


It’s the two minutes of territory announcements that you have to sit through when I first login that has me wondering what’s going on behind scope’s dev curtain.