What about the low leveled players like s1++ or A++ teams




Tell him to giddgudd bro. We all started one day and couldn’t beat gearmaps etc. f.e. Who the f*ck thinks he should master the big challenges after starting a game anyways. That’s stupid.


I agree with you.

I had the same problem before and dealt with it 6 months ago.


You cant expect a newbie to suddenly start beating those types of maps. You have to work your way up. I started a 2nd account and I have been grinding away and now at level 16. This is what it takes to get better. Work hard and move up.


As everyone else said we all had to work our way up so does everyone else who starts new. I couldn’t beat some of the maps at the start but kept grinding and got to the point I could. You can do the same, or you can buy your way to success, and of course your last option is to quit.