What about spreading S-class collectibles across all the ranks?

C mon where’s #playersunited? This should be addressed over & over until it is applied we need all 250 to get collectibles even a small amount would do, how about some in milestones? y it’s always top 3 who should get all the rewards? That’s really so unfair & just jerk work, do something about this please!!!


Must admit it is a little unfair I’ve been hogging LU in my region and feel pretty guilty about it, as I’m not willing (or allowed) to spend

Even if they went back to their old method of giving 6 stars in level up as rewards…
Top 3 get guaranteed Sclass collectables, and the rest get a chance box between 5 star tokens or collectables. Would be a little better.

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Its not a question of fairness but more about progression. Nothing is fair about this game, but since S toons are being released on a weekly basis, most 6stars will get obsolete very quickly. The least they can do is put some (maybe 10% of an S toon in choice boxes) if you hit all the milestones. Rank rewards can be gear since S toons require a lot of gear to upgrade. But we all know they wont do it :man_shrugging:

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I’d say it should be top 10 getting collectibles. 1st gets 2000 2-3 gets 1000 4-6 gets 500 and 7-10 gets 250 :man_shrugging:t2: rewards below 3rd are garbage


The drop from 1st to 2nd is way to large. It basically makes it where u want 1st or why bother. Definitely need to make first 2000 2nd and 3rd 1000 5-16 500 and below 250 or at least provide 100 for milestones. Basically giving out a very small part of a toon right now and it’s only driving more players away from feeling like they can compete


Collectables in milestones


Far too sensible an opinion @Parker - we would be better off asking for a baby monkey riding on a unicorn

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