What about Nik?

I’m thinking about picking him up as a future project. Yellow command might come in handy someday. I have 35k tokens. Will his gear be available next season? I know we have at least one good toon next season so I’m not sure

You simply can’t go wrong with a yellow command.

You never know when you might just need that utility. Spend the points. You can always wait to use the gear for his higher levels when the need arises.

I’d assume gear remains as it takes more than a season to get enough to max both recruits (shawn/Diego) if using natural cool down.


Only command I have is Glenn

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X Being picky, but 7 weeks out of 8 (not including store carry-over in S4 qualification) to max both toons. Next week I should get enough to T4 Shawn, Nik is already maxed. I point out because that leaves 1/2 weeks which looks suspiciously like a backup. X

Edit: Because everyone gets the same amount of league tokens. It’s late

I agree to getting Nik too. Better to have him then decide you don’t need him than not have him then decide you need him.

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I think I just been mathed…too lazy to confirm or deny.

Thought I came up. With 1.5 maxed per season but maybe I was wrong.

I was going off my solo Diamond II / fac Plat IV, token amounts, I presume you were going off the lowest? I’m wrong, that much is right lol

Ah no I was talking the league store gear cool down rates after purchasing them being the limited factor to maxing per season.

Hope they keep the same gear for next season otherwise I shoulda bought mods instead.

Nik is nice so far, i went with him instead since i didnt acquire points enough for both.

It would be nice to get him anyways and hold off on leveling until the next season toons come around to which one you want to prioritize next.

It takes 12 hats 16 jackets which equates to 100k league tokens in total to get special gear for the season 3+ toons.

7 weeks, as the shortest amount, that’s right. I’ve made sure to have 35k (4 jackets and 6 caps) sitting ready at the start of each week. I’ve managed to keep both cooldown resets within Monday. As you saw above, both maxed next week. Not sure how long if you sat in gold/plat leagues.

And me too, I’m all for more gear, but not like this!

As long as the toon quality remains similar to this seasons I don’t care what the grind cost is. It’s atleast worth it where as the other seasons I largely skipped over them.


I got all, but I’m a collector saying that. Mira is the only one I used regularly, Tara sometimes in PvE. Nik I tried on defence but little effect. Shawn could go nicely with my Mira’s +50 Att and yellow Sandy’s -30 Def. Guess we’ll see…

Already have Shawn. He’s been a monster, but I have Alice so…

I’m the one person who doesn’t appear to have Alice on this forum. I have to make do with both Mira leads (red and green) on ranged and melee


I think Shawn could work with Mirabelle just would take a ton of work on weapons

I’ll have to try it out. We have role reversed on your thread lol

Back to Nik. Thoughts?

Nik vs green glenn, i do like nik however i dont care for his role type/stats being attack heavy.

With him being yellow, ab def. weapons does help mitigate the issue somewhat.

I wish he was a tank type instead since attack doesn’t do squat for maime damage.

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Agree with Wanderer. Handy to have. Talking defence, can’t really use my own experience because I don’t think he meshed well with my def. Mine’s a time-out team circa early-2018. I think if you have multiple revives or heavy hitters he can help tip the scales.

Attack, ehh, he hadn’t crossed my mind to use him there, I’ll say that

Is Nik another Scopely employee inspired toon? I don’t remember any Nik from anywhere. Is there a list someplace of all the Scopely created employee inspired toons?

I grabbed both toons. They are currently at t3. Idk about the amount you can get in season time frame, im sure as mentioned its possible. Except not everyone is able to buy the toons and gear at a fast pace. Especially since there’s the gear drought of 2019 going on and people are forced to buy basically all t3 gear from store.
Nik is awesome, yellow commands seem to be hard to come by. I do wish his active skill was something different. Like recover impair/stun or something.