What about auto-attack without using AR?

This would be great for farming


Not sure what “logging the issue” means in terms of getting it done, but there’s hope!


It means it’s been added to the list. I’m sure the list is long and other issues will be above this one.

It would be great!

An all defend Button would be great for our team of melee zombie killers.

Blue Zombie takes 5 turns to be in range and I have to click 20 times do Get him

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Shane 5* drop plus four trainers, problem solved.

Just think how much better the game would have been if this level of engagement had occurred earlier. Even if they don’t follow through due to resources etc, we know they are listening.


Absolutely. It makes a huge difference.

yeah I don’t know what happened when this issue was previously taken to the team as it clearly never got logged until recently.