What about a new good f2p melee attack leader

Cause you always make a leaders with huge ap when being attacked but not when attacking.


Ugh. I was looking through my roster just now trying to find a melee huge ap on attack leader

I Agree, green lead or melee lead is needed to round out baseline teams.

Meanwhile premiers with ap when attacking for greens include Camilla, Alice, Diego


Cuz they only cater to top spenders at this point.

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Exactly this. Been waiting for a melee AP Lead since 6* hit the shelves.

I want to send Limited Edition Negan into retirement.

This is for sure needed… would really make Alpha more viable.

Yellow Rick has huge ap gain and 40% attack and he was free for logging in. Back when they still did login rewards

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They know ap when defending is shittier than ap when attacking.

Two things:

  1. Rick (although still a decent toon) is no melee lead as requested by OP. We have no attacking AP Lead for greens/melee. And that’s a huge letdown.

  2. They gave out Rick back then. Oneandymanme explicitly stated ‘at this point’. Meaning nowadays. And his point still stands. Some of the latest premiers outclass f2p toons by far.

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Two very valid points. What i meant was, Rick is the only one who offers ap gain and attack for melee but only yellow. I do agree we need a new lead that will benefit greens also

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Those are my suggestions for. 6* melle leader.

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And yet they are still losing money and total gross on the charts. At this point they should hang their heads in shame.


These two or SR Zeke could work

This @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely suggest it thanks

They’ve gotta do OG Michonne, make her a beast please Scopes.

Why posted madison?She is p2p and Barker is trash and only Ap for fast.

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i didnt pay for madison…barker is trash…

But why u posted her she is not f2p abd we need f2p Ap leader for melle.