What a real game does to compensate for errors

Just throwing this out there game was down for about four hours for me and this is what they did to compensate


Arena?.. Wait… Didn’t Scopely have that trademarked

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No they steal everything they add to this game since they lack creativity to come up with their own new features. The only thing they do really well is ruin fun


The correct term is Monetize fun


Marvel Strike Force is the same way … They compensate for everything including maitence down time … And when they compensate, which is always and for everything its upwards of $20 worth of stuff and their major screwups is upwards of $60 worth of stuff in including around 10 to 20 worth of actual in game currency

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You are having fun? Cause I havent been for quite a while


I’ve been playing Marvel Strike Force since launch there are hardly ever any issues but if there are you get adequate compensation even if you were not directly effected. MSF is definitely a better run game


That was the reboot right after the original destroyed itself by releasing insanely OP Pheonix and Storm who complemented each other so well (and it was easier to get toons), that pretty much every team in the game ended up being Phoenix and Storm +3 vs Phoenix and Storm +3 within a month of Pheonix release. Then new players were pushed away as soon as they started because they couldn’t do anything. Talking around 2013-2014 time.

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Ik what you mean. Same with another game I play. Any error or mistake they give out compensation. Screenshot_20190808-182846_Strike%20Force|690x335

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Marvel not fun same movie each time :kissing_heart:

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Same with this game

Scopely is such a joke



Sad thing is that game is dying fast ive noticed…
Its fallen hard on top grossing. Damn shame. Their anti hack measures makes for such a long load in and out process that i dont even play much any more- tired of waiting for 3 minutes on 99% load lol. Also none of their events are fast action is their other downfall… Everything else is A-one in that game. Just needs more content but that goes with out saying for any game entering yr 2 of its life… But easily with out a doubt ome of the best ran games i ever played.

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Yup at this point i have downloaded and played hundreds of mobile games and this one is the cheapest, stingiest game by far with pretty much everything but especially compensation.

Hell i could log into a game i barely play and still collect compensation for random things i never knew happened or didnt even affect me. Its generally like most have said pretty solid/valuable items/currency.

I believe these guys only have 1 training course prior to being set loose on the unsuspecting player base and thats drilling into the employees head that every single scrap that isnt payed for is money thats being taken away from them. Direct from their pockets. Food and housing they otherwise cant provide for their family now cause compensation was given out (oh yea due to their own fuckups) or an offer didnt screw over 999 of 1000 people that bought in.

These things are blasphemous and shall not be tolerated!!


its falling because of PU

What game is this?

No was referring to another game

I downloaded marvel strike force as part of tapjoy. Think I had to get to level 20. Got there in about an hour. Didn’t seem fun at all.

Agreed. No idea why they are so stingy. Easily could go a long way to create a better atmosphere. Dumb.

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Also Future fight they give you biometric even when isn’t a bug just in maintenance just RtS give trash