What a nice new event!

F2p players get nothing from event, worse than CRW. I saw JB@Scopely did reply in CRW post(whoever posted it) they removed CRW coz of holidays to focus on our family.

instead of it, he said We can get gears and WINTER TOKENS from FA event.

and yeah. there it is!

only if we have enough tickets for t6 before event starts then 30 faction mates got every 1850 tickets per day, do 3 tier 6 FA and do tier 4 with the rest of tickets, then we can have only 1 winter token collection from museum ^^

what a smart move

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It’s a event based on farming and fa it literally is built for f2p players.


We will have more time with our families while grinding fa tickets to the max cap everyday, and pushing other faction members to do the same. Smh

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Not true since there is a cap at 1350… P2p can buy 10 times that… Pretty lame

If you want to buy then buy but you don’t have to it’s not like the new 12 days of collection/offers event where you literally have to purchase everything to participate.


What made anyone think the event wouldn’t suck like every other event that has preceded it?

Once again we were teased with a promise of gear and winter tokens when in fact it’s nothing but the usual rng bs and another cheap attempt at a cash grab.

This is what they do. Merry Christmas :poop:


yeah dude enjoy your 1~2 gear pull for 20 dayz…


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Idk why anyone is surprised at this point. I can’t believe I still play this game.


Why does this sound familiar?

Oh right. Andrea-gate.

Free shit? Sounds good to me.


if there wasn’t a cap, I’m f2p and I hit the cap in 12 hours from raiding, havent done any world maps or sr

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Are u joking this event is great get the kids grandpa wife and Horse to use all money and play awww family.

Hey let’s triple the tickets people get…but keep the cap the same :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


what grinding, yopu get 3x tickets, do the survival road and a few raids and you/ve maxed them. that’s not grinding, that’s barely casual.

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Hmm let’s whine about needing more gear. They give us access to get some gear. Now you all whine about it. Absolutely amazes me. There could be no event with gear. Be happy that we are getting something smh

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Maybe they should have tripled the ticket cap when they tripled ticket gain then?
Pretty hard to get the gear when it’s a struggle to even get enough tickets to do the damn assault.

It’s possibly to grind enough, without spending, in an active faction to pull from a wheel with gauranteed ascendables. That’s a good thing

If you run t6 faction assault once you can do two pulls so I’m looking at 5-7 pulls by the end of the event

Gear would be great except they placed them behind RNG boxes. Pretty sure I don’t have to explain what that means.