What a great way to start winter gear collection

Specific gear is not certain in the museum. Total disappointment.
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Why do you expect anything good to happen from an event like this? Get over it and be thankful that you’ll have more gear then what you originally had.

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SMFH :confounded:

After starving us of gear collection for months I am thankful for the chance at new gear. the problem is they’ve rng’d it instead of letting us choose like they did earlier in the year

Give with one hand, flip you one with the other


Except having more whetstones than I ever need isnt gonna help me. Or only getting GPS instead of a more even kind of split.


Why do they keep doing this!!

How hard is it to give us choice…We don’t want RNG!!!

Players complain - Scopely doesn’t do anything.

Players satisfied - Scopely does the opposite of what players want.



Bring back the museum gear event. Those where a good times but now we have leagues and coins :confused: back in time it was more plesant to get required gear but now im starving.

I’m really happy to have the random stuff, more excitement every time you claim!

All my 6* don’t pass tier 2 if they’re worthless. and recently I didn’t pull anything good, so I’m pretty stocked up waiting for something decent.
Levelup sucks, so all relevant milestones (1.25M if you aim for Maggie) can be done with T3+T4 5*

everyone lower ur expectations!

expect coal, when u get a GPS thank santa


After this event is over and you didn’t t4 one character. Will you be happy that it wasn’t the gear of your choosing? Or will you complain like the rest of us?

ill claim my 4 GPS from the collection since i never have canteens. I’ve already saved enough league tokens knowing that I’ll need to buy the 4 canteens from there. If you assume the worst, as is often times the case and plan around it, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Scopely has spooned me enough crap, so I’ve seen imagined that I’m eating an ice cream sundae every time I’m fed…

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Someone jog my memory but is it me or was there a point in time when they first introduced 6* into the game and they said there would be means (roadmaps) to attain gears needed to upgrade them? I could be wrong but I also can’t be bothered to trawl the forums.

You have high expectations. It’s not like the old gear museum collections. It’s an either or bag for gps and canteen and I highly doubt you will be able to claim four.

mine was more an “inverse logic” comment :slight_smile:
personally I’m stocked up with gear to T3-T4 6* but I don’t get anything good to level.

The real question is how many sweaters do you get per run

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We need more info

You’re correct.

And daily ticket cap is still 1350. Really? I hit that daily without the free 500 or the triple rate increase. Now I’ll just max earlier. No benefit.